How safe is your workplace?

work from home primarily so have pretty much complete control over my working
environment. Health hazards might be
trying not to stumble over the boys’ toys on my way to my laptop or avoiding
tripping over the dog who likes getting under my feet! That’s about as dangerous as it gets, so I
am quite fortunate really – although when I have stood on a LEGO brick
barefooted I don’t feel quite so lucky!

in all seriousness not everyone feels protected at work. Sadly research by Hayward
Baker found that as much as 69 percent of British workers think their
workplace is hazardous to their health. 
That’s quite a worrying statistic given how long people spend at work. They need to feel safe and secure, not
panicking about accidents that may or may not happen. Although with 20% actually ending up in hospital because of a
workplace injury or illness you can suddenly understand their concern and
quickly sympathise with them.

I did have an issue in a
previous job in a solicitor’s office when I was pregnant and being made to lift
heavy boxes of files. I actually
resigned, as I was worried for the well being of my unborn child. I started having nosebleeds and coming over
faint, I didn’t feel they saw my reservations as a priority as they made no
effort to change how I could do my job.

My husband is a manager
and health and safety is one aspect of his job. He does seem genuinely concerned in the health of his staff. He told me he does do regular risk assessments
on things like staff welfare (making sure they have a comfortable seat and do
not get repetitive strain from using a computer for any length of time),
checking for trip hazards and fire alarm testing (and having an evacuation
procedure in place). He also hires a
cleaner so hopefully doesn’t have the issues with unsanitary facilities that
led to 18% of those surveyed (see the infographic below) having a stomach bug whilst in the office.

you have had an accident at work its worth using an injury
compensation calculator
to see what you would be entitled too, especially with the average claim being £24,931. If more people went down that route then
hopefully more workplaces would take health and safety seriously. It’s vital that standards don’t slip; the
last thing you want to do is endanger the health of one of your company’s key
assets – your employees. Give them
adequate training and development so they can do their job safely, especially
if they are using dangerous machinery, manage risks and try and make the
workplace as secure as possible.

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