How to improve your Credit Score

The first step is
getting your credit score through somewhere like Equifax or Experian, it can
make for an interesting read and can highlight anything you need to do to
improve matters. My husband was not on
the electoral roll and once that was rectified he got accepted for a credit
card application straight away, so do register to vote it’s a quick
and easy process and allows those you want credit from to verify your address.

Keep your finances
separate from your partner if their credit history is poor, unfortunately
otherwise they can negatively impact your score.

Don’t apply for
different credit too quickly, we wanted a credit card and kept trying to get
one and getting knocked back again and again. 
Later we found out why because of the electoral roll issue BUT all those
applications were also having a negative impact on our score. Each time we were declined a little
footprint would go on our file!

Work at building your
credit history, try and get a credit card and make regular payments on time
just so companies can see you are good at managing your money – slowly and
surely you will get a higher score.

you have a bad credit score you naturally think your options are very limited,
you can feel quite restricted and worry about how you will ever purchase some
of the things you need. We
would be lost without our car; we live fairly rurally and public transport here
is definitely not adequate for our needs. 
It is quite restrictive; buses and trains do not run very frequently.

back a good few years when youngest had a very bad episode with croup we had to
get a taxi to the local out of hours doctor. 
If your travelling any length of distance by cab the price can soon
clock up. It’s much more economical
having your own car than relying on taxi’s. Having
a car gives you a sense of security that you can get your family to where they
need to be and that croup incident was the catalyst that made us want our own

Whatever our circumstances I would
still want to be a car owner – I wouldn’t want to give up the freedom having a car allows.

think its great that there are companies that provide bad credit car finance
so even if your situation is not quite ideal you can continue to get to work or
take your children to school by car. 
It’s handy having somewhere to get that assistance whilst you work at
improving your credit score.

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