LaplandUK Keeping Christmas Magic ALIVE

I am absolutely delighted that we
have tickets for LaplandUK; I cannot
wait for us to be immersed in the enchanting Christmas experience. If you have plans to go now is the time to
book your tickets, because this event is selling out fast. Lapland UK opens on Saturday the 19th
of November so let the countdown begin…

It’s still a surprise for the boys I am waiting for the
official invites to arrive in the post then I will hide them somewhere to make
it all the more magical when they find them and realise they are actually off
to Father Christmas’ woodland Toy Factory. 

When booking you fill in
information about your child so it’s a much more personal experience for them, questions
about their favourite thing, what they like doing and what they have been
good at before their visit – means that belief won’t waiver. Father Christmas must be real if he knows
all this!

It’s fantastic that there are
events like LaplandUK to keep children believing for as long as possible. Children grow up so fast so hang on to their
sense of wonderment with experiences like this for as long as possible. Lapland has brought all the magic from
Father Christmas’ artic homeland to Whitmoor Forest, Ascot – including the
snow. So much care and attention has
been put into the development of the event. 
It looks very realistic, they even have huskies and reindeer in the
beautiful setting.

On arrival children
have an Elf Passport to enter the secret woodlands of LaplandUK. So it all feels very credible, from the props and costumes to the delivery of the experience.

Included in your ticket price you
have a souvenir photograph with Father Christmas and a luxurious gift from him
for your children. Your child also gets
to try their hand at toy making in the toy factory and decorating gingerbread in Mother Christmas’
kitchen, you can all soak up the atmosphere in the village square and even have
a go ice skating. In total the journey
through the woodland, activities and visit with Father Christmas takes about 3 and a
half hours.

I will be writing a comprehensive review after our
visit but suffice to say I think it’s going to be very memorable and I am feeling more festive just thinking about it.

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