Paper Mario Colour Splash

Paper Mario Colour Splash is a single player action
adventure game but its so entertaining to watch my boys don’t seem to mind
taking turns. I love the humour of the
game; the characters are brought to life with their funny witticisms. Some games the boys play don’t capture my
attention but this one certainly did, I am looking forward to them going to bed
so I can have MY turn in peace!

The dialogue cracks me up, like
Huey the paint pot telling Mario the paint he kindly gives him to win a battle
is my blood, sweat and tears you will have to take a shower later. Further on in the game a bad guy was lurking in the corner
“Come closer to hear a juicy secret?” so naturally you want to know what he has
to say, you then get tricked and go straight into battle mode as he comes at
you with his straw to drink your colour dry!

The game looks great; the
graphics are colourful and vibrant (well until they get drained away anyway!). It’s quite easy to get the hang of gameplay
especially if a part of the game is too tricky you can simply cut it out to
make life easier! That’s the advantage of everything being made of paper, see
an obstacle you don’t like – no worries just snip it away!

You do have to do some thinking though, like the boys figured out how to get across to the other side using the parasols!!! Once open they were perfect to jump across.

The bad guys are sucking up the
characters colours with drinking straws, they are so thirsty for colours they
are draining everything until it turns white. 
The slurp guys as they are officially called mean business and you need
to bring back the colour to Prism Island wielding the colour hammer and saving all
the Toads before everything is a blank canvas devoid of colour.

There is something quite
satisfying about returning colour to the island and making it beautiful all
over again.

Painting invisible blocks means you can use them so an added benefit to all the splashing of paint everywhere. It’s easy enough to top up your colour levels by bashing things with your hammer!

You use cards to battle with
which makes it a bit different.

My boys
liked picking from their deck and seeing what each card would do. You need to build up your deck by
investigating the island, returning colour to drained spots and winning battles
so you can do more powerful attacks and kick the slurp guys butts! You can also spend your gold coins on buying cards.

I think this might be our last
big game before Nintendo release Switch next year, so it would be a shame not
to add it to your Wii U library of games to enjoy! My boys are seven and nine and they give it their seal of
approval. Mummy is 37 and a BIG fan
too! It’s a fab title and one Mario fans will adore.

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