Time to be noticed

When you’re a business it’s important to be seen, you want
everyone to know you exist. It’s hard
because there is so much competition you need to be clever about getting
exposure whenever you can.

Apparently people are exposed to 1,000 – 3,000 brands a
day so you could quite easily get lost in all the marketing noise – you need to
think carefully about how you can make your brand more recognisable so not only
is it seen its also remembered.

Many businesses don’t utilise one
very effective way to get people’s attention and that is the humble carrier
bag! Just think after leaving your
store that bag is going on a journey, your logo might be spotted by countless
people, especially as people are trying to get more mileage out of their bags
to avoid the 5p charge.

According to the infographic
below by 4imprint it’s important to
invest in your carrier bags to get your brand and logo out there and it can be quite an
inexpensive way to effectively target your customers and find new ones.

Bags aren’t disposed of so
quickly anymore so it’s a wasted opportunity not to think about the branding of
your bags. When the customer looks at
the bag they remember your store and it might encourage repeat business or if
you manage to get the bag design right it also might be a highly sought out
item in its own right! It creates a bit
of a buzz about your business and encourages more engagement with your brand. You could even link it to social media and
think about having a hashtag.

Personally I love paper bags so much more than plastic
bags, you feel like you are getting a bit more quality. Certain bags have become a bit of a style
accessory and can make you feel different about yourself. I think some people like others to see they have
shopped at certain stores.

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