What to do with our car?

Our first car we bought second hand off the in-laws. We were so grateful to finally have our own means of transport, it didn’t matter that it was tiny and the boot was so small you had to pack for a holiday all round everyone (apart from the driver!).

We got more ambitious after that, we kept it a couple of years then traded it in to help cover the deposit on our latest car. It had started to need lots doing to it and was becoming too costly to run – it was forever in the garage those last few months.

Shortly we have some decisions to
make about our current car which we have had for a few years, we can either pay off the reminder in a lump sum or
hand it back (but then we are minus wheels, which isn’t ideal).

We had a brand new car and I am
not sure whether it was our wisest decision, you hear a lot about how much a
car depreciates as soon as it leaves the forecourt and to be honest it’s a bit
scary!!! Some models hold their value
better than others, so that possibly would be a consideration in future. Although a Land Rover is the main contender and I am not sure that would fit what we are looking for.

We went to the showroom and got
tempted by a Skoda Octavia, but we did have practical reasons behind the choice of our current car. We chose our car for its safety ratings and
even had air bags fitted in the back for the boys. As it was a completely new car we had more options when it came
to the configuration. Those air bags
were an additional reassurance when we were off out and about travelling so
much for events.

I have been looking on Robins and Day to see what they had available, I like the look of the Citroen C4
Picasso as it was pitched in the Telegraph
as a fine family car. Plenty of space
for passengers and a big enough boot for our family holidays as it can hold a few cases. All things I need, especially now my two are shooting up in
size and any car we pick would need to be roomy.

But part of me is swaying towards
a used car this time round. I guess we
will need to look into our figures and do our research. If we go for a used car I will be looking at how many precious owners there are and the service history.

I can go back to say 2013 and see over a 50% drop
in the price which is more appealing when you have experienced buying a car at the full price! Some don’t even have that many miles on the
clock. I was also impressed to see that
Robins and Day offered a 1 year manufacturers warranty on the one I was looking
at, which certainly makes going for a used car not such a risk! It’s nice knowing you have at least one
years grace before you need to shell out on your car and even then it might last you ages, some cars are very reliable.

I do like new cars because you have your extended manufacturer warranty to fall back on. But if you have gone to a reliable garage buying a used car can be a wise decision especially this one which has the Citroen Select Approved Used Programme for peace of mind!

I will let you know how we get on. Whatever we do I am sure we won’t be getting another Skoda the after sales customer service hasn’t been up to up – they wow you when you arrive but once you have signed on the dotted line they have other fish to fry!

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