Celebrating Christmas with Coca-Cola #HolidaysAreComing

It’s all too easy to bask in the warmth of our families love throughout December and take the meals on the table for granted but for some it’s not that simple. This time of year it’s great to give something back to help those that are not as fortunate as ourselves. For the homeless and those that are struggling to make ends meet a little helping hand is a real lifeline.

Coca-Cola have teamed up with FareShare, a charity who tackle food waste to help “Donate a Meal to Someone in Need.” It’s really simple to take part, all you have to do is take a picture of the FareShare logo (in full) found on promotional packs of Coca-Cola (500ml and 1.25l bottles) and upload it to www.cocacola.co.uk/donate.

The Coca-Cola advert “A Coke For Christmas” carries on with the theme of giving, with a young boy delivering drinks as a little thank you to acknowledge everyone’s help with Christmas including one for Santa himself! 

I really like how Coca-Cola is spreading a message of goodwill and it’s not about receiving things for yourself, but sharing kindness over Christmas and recognizing those that make Christmas a special time.

Coca-Cola have not stopped there though they want to keep sharing the Christmas joy here on Missing Sleep by giving something back to an unsung hero. If you can think of someone (or even yourself!) who deserves to be recognised by Coca-Cola for their acts of giving whether its what they do at Christmas time or throughout the year then please leave a comment below explaining why they deserve to win and what prize you think what be fitting for their kind-hearted efforts. You have complete freedom to pick a prize most suited to them perhaps an indulgent hamper or an exclusive experience to recognise their generosity, anything up to the value of £250.

The competition will close on the 14th of December and the nominee will also get some Coca-Cola goodies to accompany their prize (Fare Share branded Coca-Cola Zero Sugar product (2 x 500ml bottles), a set of two Coca-Cola Riedel glasses, a mini Coca-Cola Christmas truck and a personalised note).

It would be great if the winning nominator could capture and share photography of themselves gifting their nominee with Coca-Cola’s gift so that we can see the surprise on their faces! This photography will then be posted on my social media channels so we can all share in the moment with you.

Please leave a twitter handle or email address so I can get in touch if your comment is chosen.

This is a sponsored post by Coca-Cola

81 thoughts on “Celebrating Christmas with Coca-Cola #HolidaysAreComing

  1. My granddaughter, Lilly-Rei (7), has been selling cookies and stickers and has raised nearly £300 so far for children in Syria. With mummy's help she is organising a Christmas disco to raise more. She is hoping to get to £500 total by Christmas.I think a personal visit from Santa Claus would be just the thing to make her feel special.

  2. I would love for my partner to receive some new tools or vouchers for new tools. I would love to show him how much I appreciate the effort he is putting in completely renovating the house we have bought. He goes to work comes home and does the house never a minute to himself.

  3. I'd love for my husband to win a chocolate or tea hamper, as he's been a great supporter for me in the past decade. I've been fighting for my life and it's been a really difficult time for us both, alot of tears and alot of pain, but we've stuck together through it all. I'd love for his efforts to be rewarded, for his support and love of me x

  4. I nominate my sister in law for a manicure, pedicure and a little bit of time out. She has given up her job to care for her elderly mum and is constantly knocked in confidence has she done the right thing? of course she has her mum has the best carer ever

  5. I would nominate my Mother-in-law, she volunteers at the hospital part-time on the cancer ward looking after patients, making them tea and helping the nurses with their paperwork. She arranges cake sales, raffles to raise money for the kids in Gully's place to improve their stay (she has recently got them a playstation and TV). Gully's place is for end-of-life care so every little helps these children and their families. I would love her to win a photographic session for her with all her grandchildren as she wants a pic of them all together, but I would also like some of the money to go to Gully's place as I know she would feel guilty taking it all 🙂

  6. Teresa Marshall, Harrogate. Teresa, entirely at her own expense, has been caring for the district’s needy hedgehogs for the last 23 years; and, while her emphasis is on hedgehogs, she never turns away an animal in need. All the animals are accommodated in her semi-detached house; when I took a tiny hedgehog to her last year she was then caring for over 160 hedgehogs! She provides each hedgehog (and, where appropriate, other needy animals) with its own cage and pays for its food from her own resources. While she gratefully accepts donations from those bringing animals to her care, she is otherwise funding this enterprise entirely from her own pocket. Her only help comes from her local vet who provides examinations and advice free (although Teresa has to pay for any medicine required). Teresa examines each new patient carefully and brings her consummate skill to bear to nurse and care for each animal individually; for any medical treatment beyond her skill the patient is taken to the vet.

  7. I'd like to nominate my sister Karen who took early retirement to be full time carer for our parents so that they wouldn't have to leae their home of 45 years & go into a nursing home. Mum has Alzheimer's, osteoporosis & osteoarthritis & Dad had a stroke, angina & arthritis. It is so stressful for Karen as she doesn't have a minute to herself but she never complains so I'd love for her to have some respite & go on an overnight spa break with some lovely pampering treatments to really unwind.

  8. My sister Heather Thorne has raised over £40,000 for Children in Need. Each year on the day she goes out into our local high street and sings from 8.30am in the morning until about 3.30pm in the afternoon. She usually has a cold the week after as she says she cannot dress up too warmly as it supresses her singing! She is a real hero in my eyes to do so much for Children in Need.x

  9. I would like to nominate my 14 year old son. I was diagnosed with cancer back in Easter. I underwent 5 weeks of gruelling treatment every day. He was by my side for most of them. He looked after his siblings and cooked gousto meals for the family. 4 weeks ago I had the tumour removed and 2 weeks later I had an emergency op to remove some of the bowel. I have been in Hospital since. He visits every day after school, sits and holds my hand. He makes sure I am comfortable, kisses my head nd then goes home to help with his brothers. He keeps the house clean and does the shopping. He really is my hero.
    He has been through so much and yet he still manages to achieve high in school and with his swimming and running.
    I would like him to receive some Addidas ultra boost trainers for all of his help.
    Keeping my fingers crossed

  10. I would love to treat my husband Matt. He has had a tough year being made redundant but despite that he has continued to serve the young people of our community through our church youth team, building relationships with young men who need support and encouragement. I really value what he does for them and I know they do too as well as their parents. I would love to get him an Xbox to say thank you as I know that not only would he enjoy it but he would also enjoy sharing it with the young people he volunteers with as well.

  11. I'd nominate my mum. She's such a giving and kind woman, who puts so many extra hours into her work as a primary school teacher. She has helped me so much this past few months and supported my decision to leave university and been with me every step of the way. Her mum (my grandma) is still not well after having stomach and liver problems and a cancer scare and my mum herself had a cancer scare not long ago. From the Summer onwards my mum has had to deal with selling our old house and she is going through a very difficult divorce. She is very low at the moment yet is still there for me with a huge smile and hug when I need her most. I'd love to buy her a spa day experience, so she can finally have time for herself and relax properly.

  12. My friend Michelle who despite health problems has never missed a day of childminding and cares for many children including her own and advises us all.

  13. I know a woman that is a very special lady called Dawn Harvey she opens her home to very special children with special needs on a weekly basis and spends a lot of time fundraising for children and families in the local borough, she also finds time in her busy schedule to supports other related charities and events. just recently she has had a wet room and sensory room built to help the children with there senses to touch, see, hear and relax all special children are welcome and her home is called Little Eden Little http://www.littleeden.me.uk/ 🙂

  14. i feel my mum is not only my mum, she is our hero and my best friend. In 2014 i was going through a divorce and we live about an hour away so she gave up her full time job to become self employed so she would have more time to support me and her grandchildren. She then has proceeded to do everything she can to ensure we are ok. She visits us fortnightly regardless of any work she may have to do, if I'm ever upset i know i can turn to her and she will do her upmost to make things better. This woman is unbelievably magical – however i do take advantage of her kind nature and rely on her more than i should. Without her over these past few years, i wouldn't be where i am today. We talk daily however i would love to buy her an iPad mini. This is so we can do FaceTime and my daughter can send her iMessages. My mum currently has no apple products so we are unable to do this. An apple product will build the rest of the bridge of communication between us all as well as being able to see her everyday.

  15. I'd like to nominate my sister, she had a major health scare 18 months ago, then our dad was taken ill & she looked after him, he sadly passed away just before last Christmas & she arranged everything, her partner is not in great health, she works 60-70 hrs a week & now her dog has been diagnosed with diabetes.
    I'd love to treat her & her partner to a spa pamper day

  16. I nominate my mum as she's beautiful inside and out, an eternal optimist with a kind, gorgeous soul. She never treats herself so she deserves this. The best mum, grandmother anyone could wish for😄😍😘

  17. I would nominate my son for an iPad, for always being cheerful throughout over 3 years of chemo, which finally finished this year. With all he was having to bear, he still looked out for his little brother

  18. My friend and former colleague gill who has given her life to helping others, from working in a hospital to becoming a social worker and her tireless work collecting and delivering essential goods to refugees. She sadly lost her husband this year but has kept on helping others, plus her 6 young grandchildren, and I'd love her to be able to enjoy a treat for herself

  19. I'd love to nominate my mother-in-law Sas, please. From when I first joined the family 8 years ago, to today she has been my rock. She will babysit the boys so that my husband and I can have a date night as she knows how important it is for us to spend time together. She'll take me to all my doctor appointments and she's my confidante. These might not seem really special things, but I don't have a relationship with my own mum and she's like the mum I never had.

    I'd love to win her an M&S giftcard so that she can treat herself to some new clothes. She's always taking care of everyone else that she neglects her own wants and needs so she could do with a pamper!

  20. i'd nominate my daughter Ellie (7 years old). She is always helping out new kids in school and has been part of the school council for 2 years now. She's always giving her toys away and sharing stuff with other kids. I'd nominate her to receive £250 worth of lego as she loves lego!
    Twitter: @leeritsoncomp

  21. I'd nominate my mother in law Linda James. She set up an anti bullying charity Bulliesout and has been building it up from scratch for years. She spreads ridiculous amounts of hours going to meetings, promoting the good works and this was all recognised this year when she was awarded an MBE by HRH the Queen. At the same time she is a fantastic mum to her 3 boys and a great grandmother to her 3 granddaughters. She suffers from ill health, but nothing stops her enthusiasm and she just keep going and going!! I'm not sure what she would like apart from a donation to the charity, maybe some new soft furnishings as she is very house proud and my daughters might have ruined a sofa cushion or two!

  22. I nominate my Mum because of her bravery and tenacity. She has been through so much in her life, including being left a single mother when my Dad died. She never complains, and is always there for anyone. She's never got any money because she will invariably give her last pound to someone who needs it. My dream is to be in a financial position to look after her for a change. I'm not ashamed to say that she is my heroine and the person I look up to the most in this world. No matter that I am an adult and a mother myself. I'd love for her to receive a Christmas hamper. It's something she's always wanted but could never afford.

  23. It would have to be my husband! He works very hard during the night but always comes in and makes breakfast for our little boy, he loves us both to the moon and back and it would be really nice to show just how much his efforts and love is appreciated!

  24. I'd like to nominate my friend Claire, she lost her little boy Ollie to leukaemia in Sept 2015, after he had fought it for 5 years, throughout that time she and her husband were separated from her two other children (who are both completely amazing too) for long periods of time, so she has now set up a Charity in Ollie's name to raise money to help and support other families going through this terrible disease, she is also an awesome swimming instructor, teaching and inspiring children, she is a huge Michael Ball fan, so I would love to give her vouchers for an online ticket company, so she can be there for a concert in 2017 x

  25. I would like to nominate my husband Ronnie to win an indulgent Christmas hamper. This is in recognition of his services to the art world, and the time he spent decorating our home this year. A tough job, but someone had to do it! A great job he has succeeded in doing too.

  26. How fab is this giveaway and yes if chosen I'm happy to share photos and even blog about it. I'd like to nominate my husband Adam to receive a trip to the theatre and a night away, the reason being he is very selfless. He manages a large centre where there are around 60 live-in volunteers from all countries and he gives so much time and love to the volunteers. He makes himself available to them to chat, go on outings and coaches them in their work and life choices too. I know they appreciate him but it would be lovely for him to receive a public recognition of what he does. Mich x (@michelletwinmum)

  27. I would love to nominate my Dad for being a fantastic Dad, we have grown so much closer since losing my mum 4 years ago and I could never thank him enough for all his help, always being there to help me when money is short and helping me find the best price for toys for the kids, he has been so helpful and kind to me I would love to give him something back, I think love 2 shop vouchers or a top of the range Jet wash would be great for him, he never likes to treat himself however Ii know he would be over the moon with a present like that. @littlestar1979

  28. I nominate my partner and carer Lisa. It's not all fun for her, I have Multiple Sclerosis and can't work now. Can't do very much really, Lisa looks after everything even though she suffers with painful joints and mental health problems. Bodies really should just work properly, would make life so much easier. She still manages to be community minded, helping on festival days or just anyone that needs a hand with something. As to what she would like? Bet she would love Next vouchers, she doesn't get to go spend on new clothes. She loves to find a bargain in sales too.

  29. My SIL is truly amazing. She runs a sports and soical club with my brother, The club is in a very deprived area and recently the local steel works closed, who in the past has sponsored a lot of events at the club, but more importantly employed a lot of the locals too.Earlier in the year my sister in law, along with The Ladies of Steel (a group she is chairwoman of) decided that the area needed a youth group and they did something about it. Every Tuesday night in the club they hold an evening for the local youths aged between 8 and 15, where they can play snooker, do arts and crafts, play organised games and also have a boogie as the club DJ is involved too. The children only have to pay 20p per week. Since then they have gone on to form Classified (a dance troupe) and also are planning on holding a pantomime this year too

  30. I would nominate my mum who does so much for other people, putting their happiness before her own. She is always on the go and rarely has chance to put her feet up and rest. She would love a spa day with a few pampering treats. x

  31. Id like to nominate my daughter Rebecca. Working hard at school and fundraising to help rebuild a school for deaf and street children in Africa. Despite her age she has raised almost £1000 and has more events planned in the new year. She could do with a lap top for school so vouchers that she ould us. Towards that would be brilliant.

  32. I would nominate my Aunt. She let us use her holiday home free of charge after my 2 youngest children had been quite poorly in hospital it made a massive difference to us as a family, allowing us to unwind from some of the stress we had been under. She is a star!

  33. I'd nominate my mother who has spent years as the full time carer to her disabled husband. He has recently gone into a care home but now we are getting him back home for Christmas. I'd send her a spa day for pampering herself!

  34. I want to nominate my mother in law — despite a dodgy knee, she seems to happily look after our children.. she rarely buys herself anything nice.. would be great to make her smile by treating her to a shopping trip.. minus the children for once!

  35. I'd like to nominate my Mother in Law, Jane. She is a full-time carer for her 89 year old father who has Parkinson's and she still helps me out by having my daughter twice a week. I'd like to give her a night away as a little break.

  36. My little girl she's had a few problems over the year but they never get her down she loves doing things for others , whether it's baking buns or biscuits for her class or collecting for the charities in school she loves giving . I'd love to give her something for being the most thoughtful little girl . She loves singing so I think she would love a karaoke to have some fun

  37. I would like to nominate my son Douglas MacMillan who raised over £4000 for MS by cycling from London to Paris. He chose this charity because I am an MS sufferer. It was not without incident and broke his elbow in France after a bad fall but completed the task. He is and win or not will always be my hero. @ElspethMcMillan mcmillan334@btinternet.com

  38. I nominate my mum who, after the passing of my dad, has been nothing but strong and selfless to the rest of the family. Our house is currently falling apart, so I'd buy a firepit for outside as she loves sitting and looking at the stars; at least this way she'd keep warm, and can put some marshmallows over the flame!

  39. I would like to nominate my mum. She looks after the grandchildren when I work, cares for her mum and also works part-time herself. She is always there for all of us. I would like her to receive M&S vouchers. @hellcat33

  40. I would like to nominate me son as he is a first aid trainer at 23 and he is spending his time training homeless people and Big Issue sellers in first aid. His wish is to have a trained first aider on every street in Britain.

  41. I would love to nominate my lovely friend Kath as she has been there for me over the last few years as my mother and mentor. She never ceases to surprise me with her love and honesty and without her my life would be extremely different.

  42. I would love to nominate my Mum and Dad they are a huge help to me even through we lives miles apart i speak to my mum everyday on the phone and they would do anything for me, i would love to say thank you and help take they wait off this Christmas for my mum with all the cooking a lovely hamper or food parcel for Christmas so she dosnt have to cook would be amazing, Thank you

  43. I would like to nominate my Daughters breakfast and after school club, Shawbury Stars. Although connected to the Primary school it is totally independent and they run their own fund raisers to buy any toys or equipment, or go on day trips in the holidays.

    They have recently lost their Trampoline – it got completely demolished in the bad weather, and they just don't have the funds to replace it at the moment.

    I would really love for them to have a new one, and maybe some sports equipment or a couple of board games if there is any money spare. It would be nice to see it benefit so many people.

    Many thanks, Leanne @supastar1501

  44. I would nominate my amazing OH who runs a food bank, is always doing so many extra hours there free (plus looking after me due to poor health and helping with the kids and trying to run a self-employed business). As he never gets any down-time I'd love tto use the money to give him a fun day out, perhaps visiting London and seeing some attractions there. Hannah

  45. I'm nominating my friend Sally. She's had a though couple of years with her son, and she can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. It breaks my heart to see my friend upset and broken. I believe she needs a pick me up to give her a morale boost and keep going. @aishbabkk

  46. I would like to nominate my son's nursery manager Julie. Not only is she an amazing person she also runs a nursery that is really a charity. Puddleducks@Gilberdyke can only operate it the volunteers who work there fundraise enough throughout the year.
    Julie has done an amazing job organising the volunteers and parents to get ready for the local Christmas market 🙂 She is always positive and kind and has brought the best out of my son. A little boy who had speech problems at the beginning of this year is now speaking full sentences. She works hard and deserves the recognition 🙂

    Twitter handle: @SirleyYoung
    E-mail: sirley_salk@hotmail.com

    Merry Christmas!

  47. I would like to nominate my partner Mark. We have desperately tried to extend our family and have had 7 losses at varying stages. I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant and bleeding again, I've had 2 weeks unpaid off work. Mark holds it all together he is a fantastic step dad to my 7 year old. He works full time takes care of our child and reassures me everything is OK. I've been so poorly I haven't finished Xmas shopping and know I won't be able to afford to give Mark anything near what he deserves. He is forever putting us first I'd like him to receive something for him, even shopping vouchers. This must be difficult for him too and he deserve a treat. I can be really low and difficult at times Mark is so patient. This is our last attempt at a biological child together and I don't want to remember this Xmas as another tragic moment in our lives. I'm very lucky to have his support and love and I'd like him to do something for himself for a change. Thank you, merry Christmas

    Email. laurascullion2014@yahoo.co.UK

  48. I would like to nominate my mum she’s had a tough few years but nothing that’s knocked her off her feet has kept her down for long.
    She nursed both my uncle and dad through terminal cancer holding their hands to the very last.
    She also helped me look after my daughter when I was offered a job in a field I love but couldn’t afford to work in as the salary didn’t go near the childcare!
    In October she had to have brain surgery to clip two aneurysm’s she had and despite an eight hour surgery she was insistent she just needed a wee cup of tea and would be home lol she amazes me every day and I’m forever grateful that I get to call her mum.
    I would love to win for her as she’s always giving to everyone else and leaving herself to last I’d like her to see she’s our first <3

  49. my step dad.

    My mammy (only 62), had horrific brain injury in March, she is now so disabled she cant even swallow and will never be allowed home again. I live in the highlands and she lives in the north east, so i dont get down enough. My step dad has literally never left her side, he stayed with her all the day and some nights in the hospital when he was allowed, even now she is in a home the second his eyes open he is with her. He is so kind and selfless, he always thinks of others. For once id like him to realize how much we think of him. If he won this it would mean that although he cant share it with my mammy, he can have himself a few lovely treats. my wee boy Monty would LOVE the truck. Please consider this. Thank you for reading this. Merry Christmas. even if i dont win, please phone your mammy and tell her you love her, I almost lost mine never take her for granted.

    Thank you.

  50. I’d like to nominate my husband James. This past year I have been doing my degree full time and he has had to support our family on his salary alone. It’s been really really tough, and he never gets a treat for himself, he even tells us to not buy him anything at Christmas! I’d love to put him a treat pack together – his favourite aftershave, a beer tasting gift experience, a couple of posh shirts, a book. He really deserves it for all he does for our family. @sarahwilson85

  51. I’d like to nominate my mum to win a war time party with a singer of those old songs. She has alzheimers and when they have entertainers at the care home they are usually 50’s themed. Though she adored Elvis he is long forgotten. the songs she knows all the words to now are from her childhood. On the bright side when I’m older it will be the groovy 60’s all over again yay!

  52. I’d like to nominate Clare Wheatley. I met Clare through the Shropshire & Mid Wales Cancer Users forum, about a year ago. (I’m the chair of the group). Clare is a cancer survivor and came along to get involved with our work which is improving the cancer experience for those following us. The more I’ve got to know Clare the more impressed I’ve been. She has made amazing changes to her life, having been part of our local Get Active, Feel Better programme she embraced this and is now qualified as a Cancer Rehab specialist. This is an amazing achievement in itself with a qualification equivalent to the same standard as a degree. Clare has even spoken at some national conferences as a patient voice promoting physical activity from the patients perspective.
    Clare has thrown herself into helping others affected by cancer and gives her time freely, despite her own health issues. This includes volunteering as a steward at the Macmillans Colour run – she was on the green station and I’ve seen the photos, Clare was literally green from her toes to her head, not sure if her trainers ever recovered.
    We’ve recently been working with our local hospital on issues around appropriate food for people with dietary restrictions, Clare has been involved in all the meetings and is a great patient advocate. Her personal experience with the lymphoedema service has resulted in our working with the local commissioners to ensure better patient involvement in proposed changes to services. Our forum put on a Cancer Wellbeing Event, which was attended by approximately 70 people and had really positive feedback. Clare was significantly involved in this event from sourcing an appropriate venue, creating and distributing flyers, assisting with creating and printing evaluation forms and was there on the day helping from standing in a cold car park, to manning our stand and generally helping out throughout the day. I can genuinely say without her input this event is unlikely to have happened.
    She also does lots of voluntary work for Macmillan, from fundraising to speaking to even occasional photographer. All this work is improving the lives of people around us and I believe Clare truly deserves recognition of all her voluntary work. I would love her to win love 2 shop vouchers as I know money is difficult and this would enable her to buy something that is truly wanted and needed.

  53. I would like to nominate my identical twin sister. I discovered at the beginning of the year that i am unable to have children of my own. My husband and I are devastated but my sister has offered to donate her eggs to me so we have a chance of becoming parents. We start our IVF journey in January and I would love to surprise her with a large festive hamper full of Christmas goodies for her and her family to enjoy. It would go just a small way in letting her know how truly grateful I am.

  54. I’d like to nominate my husband, he works in a care home specialising in Dementia which I really admire him for as I have first hand experience with my Nan suffering from it. He is sacrificing his Christmas day with his 2 young children (3 and 4) and myself to work for the third year running. I’d love to show him how much he means to us by getting him a mountain bike, he is desperate to get out cycling and explore the countryside around us and get himself a bit healthier too!!

  55. Would like to nominate my Husband who has recently being diagnosed with a blood clot on the brain. He needs to elevate the pressure in his brain as this gives him debilitating headaches, sleeping in our old bed is certainly not helping. He has been such a trooper as as he has gone back to work due to being self employed and only complaining occasionally. I would love to get him a new bed to aid his sleep and so is able to wake headache free. Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas to you and best wishes to whoever is choosen..

  56. I'd nominate my husband as his Simple approach to things, patience and maturity has made our relationship very beautiful and strong ..really love him.Would love to treat him with this wonderful win

  57. i'd nominate my next door neighbor Deb's for taking on the roll of adoptive granny to my 3 boy, for everything she has done for me over the last 2 years, including baby sitting last year whilst i was in hospital having my c section to do the school run and just being the most wonderful support

  58. I would nominate my amazing mum!! She does so much for everyone around her – she helps me look after my daughter who has many issues and allows me to go to work! She cares for her best friend who is struggling to walk after a hip operation. She volunteers at a local primary school and still has time to raise money for cancer research. How she does it all I simply don't know.
    Such an inspirational strong woman X

  59. I’d love to nominate my wife, as her “push present” she’s just given birth to our 2nd little boy @ home…she very much deserves some “down time” a spa day would be simply amazing !

  60. my wonderful daughter is in constant pain but she still helps me whern my asthma stops me from doing the housework and cooking. She is brave and kind and always helpful and is super patient with my mother, who suffees from Alzheimer's. I would love her to have a smart new leather handbag to look good at work

  61. Hello.
    First of all, thank you for doing this.
    This is difficult as I don't like talking about personal stuff…Ok. So, my husband is my carer. Without him, I don't have a life outside the house. He does everything. He works part time as he's needed at home. He's an amazing dad to our 5 year old, he goes without, never complains and always has a terrible joke and a cute smile.
    He does much more than I want to go into here. I'd like him to win so he can have a new x box, it's the only "him" thing he gets to do outside all his commitments. His isn't working and …well I just feel guilty he doesn't get any down time.
    Thank you again anyway.

  62. I know everyone thinks their mum is amazing but mine really is! She became a widow a year ago and is basically a carer for my brother, sister and nan. She's also got medical issues which make it hard for her to even leave the house most days but she still somehow manages to look after everyone else!

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