Keeping Warm in Winter

We keep being promised snow and
sub zero temperatures and just the thought of it gives me the chills. I am not particularly keen on extremes of
weather either whether its hot or cold. 
I am happiest in spring with the pleasant warmth but winter is most definitely
here although not quite to the degree some newspapers keep promising. Still it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for
every eventuality (that’s my girl guide training kicking in!).

I think I need to stock up on
fleeces to stay warm; the Xtreme Series range from Target
sounds like they could cope with whatever the next few months
bring. Plus they have some fairly
decent deals in their sale. Yes its not
like many of us have much money going spare this time of year – with Christmas
and all that jazz!

This fleece is only £13.95
(reduced from £45.95) it looks comfortable and cosy. I think at that price I could easily afford to buy it in both
colours (plum and navy) too.

When I don’t dress for the weather I feel miserable, I
don’t think I have the best circulation anymore (yes I know only 37 and already
falling apart!) so it’s important to keep my body heat in.

I would always go for a padded
coat at this time of year for the extra insulation; raincoats feel too thin now
the cold is creeping in slowly stealing all my joy and happiness!!! My teeth start clattering away and I long to
head back indoors to escape the bitter clutches of winter.

Check your winter coat is water
proof, wind proof and insulated. Or if
you really want to keep using your raincoat make sure you always have your
fleece tucked inside.

From the kids clothing I love
the trapper unisex hats (only £6.95) at the moment, I hate it when my ears get
cold and my youngest is just like me.

He gets the proper grumps if he is cold and its not fun I can promise
you. So I need to wrap him up so he is

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