Lumie launch premium bodyclock LUXE 700

I have been a fan of Lumie for a while now but
the latest Bodyclock I was sent looks like the most promising yet. It is great to see Lumie developing the
range and continuing to make my mornings more bearable.

If you’re not a morning person having a Lumie Bodyclock can give
you a gradual sunrise wake up that can really help matters especially during
this time of year when the dark mornings can be depressing. I never leap out of bed with the first sound
of an alarm I need gradual coaxing to get me in the right frame of mind and in
a position to leave the comfort of my warm bed!

Lumie Bodyclocks make my mornings gentler as the light
slowly brightens, its been scientifically proven to improve your mood and
productivity too. Setting your Lumie Bodyclock to come on 30 minutes before you need to get out of bed makes all the
difference; you will soon notice an improvement to your general well being and your get up and go!

You can learn more about how Lumie Bodyclocks work in the brand video below:

The Bodyclock
LUXE 700
(£170) is very sophisticated and advanced; it has high-quality
speakers for streaming your own music or radio via Bluetooth so you can pick
out some tunes to energise you on those winter mornings.

With light and sound combined you should
have more of a spring in your step first thing or at night time feel more
relaxed and ready for sleep depending on the soothing sounds you choose to help
you nod off. Twenty optional sleep and wake up
sounds are included with white noise being one of them so you can experiment
with which sound is the most effective for you.

The Bodyclock LUXE has new low-blue light feature which is
more suited for bedtime, blue light needs to be kept at a minimum to help you
go to sleep quicker as it has been found to stimulate our system the very last thing
you need when your trying to shut off for the night.

It’s an attractive looking piece of kit that is both
practical and stylish. If you still
have Christmas presents to buy don’t forget to have a browse of the Lumie
website, the body clocks start from £59.95 for a starter clock through to the
Bodyclock LUXE at £170.

I have a Bodyclock LUXE 700 to giveaway if you would
like to enter please fill out the form below by the 6th of January.
Win a Lumie Bodyclock Luxe 700

409 thoughts on “Lumie launch premium bodyclock LUXE 700

  1. I would love to win this because I struggle with winter – coming from somewhere much more south in the world, I've never adjusted. Even after seven years! So this would be such a help.

  2. Wow! They look great. We've had the same alarm clock for 17 years and it's definitely on it's way out. I'd love to try this. I hate it when hubby uses his mobile phone alarm in the bedroom. Being a nurse and a mum of 3 means anything that makes the dark early mornings brighter is all right by me!

  3. I often struggle to get to sleep and get up in the morning; I have tried many of the usual tips including pillow sprays, regular routines and even trying to count the hours of my sleep in 90 minute intervals (so sleep for 6 hours or 7½ hours but never 7 or 8) but nothing appears to help. I've read lots of reviews about the benefit of the Lumie light therapy and would love to win.

  4. I wake up at 5.45am every morning then straight into a 90min commute on train, tubes and buses. I often leave the house and get out of work when it's still dark outside so sometimes miss daylight completely up most weekdays. I hate being jolted awake by my alarm and have always wanted to try a Lumie to help me wake up more naturally. I'd be more alert for my students!

  5. I struggle getting up on these dark and cold mornings. Would love to wake up feeling less groggy . It would be so good to wake up to natural light , Kali filsell

  6. I would love to win because I suffer with bi-polar and think this would really help me to motivate myself more in the mornings.

  7. I always struggle to get up in the mornings as struggle getting to sleep at night – if this helps to improve my sleep then i will be over the moon 🙂 I've heard really good things about the limit clocks so hoping they would work for me

  8. I would love to win as I think I may suffer with SAD so it would be a real boost to me & make me feel a bit brighter through winter.

  9. I really struggle on dark mornings, getting rudely awakened by the alarm, so this would be great! I've heard they are really good, but we can't justify the expense of buying one, so I would love to win for that reason!

  10. I'd like to wake up feeling refreshed for once – and the gentle approach that's offered by this product sounds the perfect solution thanks Georgina Jacobs

  11. i have real trouble waking up in the morning, and always end up having to rush my daughter to get ready for school, i have heard alot of good things about these and would love to see if it helped.

  12. I've been treated for depression since the age of 18 & was diagnosed with bipolar earlier this year. I really feel much lower in the winter months & think this clock would really help my mood with its light & the LUXE blue light actually helping to get me off to sleep is even better! It's got to be worth a try 🙂

  13. I would love to win for my partner as his sleep pattern is so erratic and it takes him forever to wake up properly in the mornings. It would be nice to have a conversation in the mornings rather than a few grunts.

  14. As i have got older i am really struggling with sleep and waking, i thought i might be suffering with SAD but i dont think its that drastic , just a real struggle x

  15. Ive read some great reviews. Have read up on it and it sounds fabulous. Just what i need. Ive not slept well in years since having a few babies all close together. Ive tried everything, but nothing has worked. I think this could be the answer to all my prayers, but the cost is just outwith my reach. and winning one is my only chance of tryiong one ty

  16. I'd love to win this because both me and my husband really struggle to wake up in the mornings and I think this would help! Also our current alarm clock is nearly at the end of its life…

  17. ohhhh please can i have this? Lack of daylight makes me feel like queen of the mushroom people. Also having a toddler who usually wakes me shouting mummy poo!! This would be a total brain soothing luxury 🙂

  18. I'd love to win because I really hate the alarm tones on my phone! When we first moved the light of sunrise would wake me up and I felt refreshed and wide awake but now we have dark curtains m, it doesn't happen anymore! Id love to start waking up with 'the sun' again!

  19. I had the Phillips version of this (now broken) and it really helped, I hate the dark and getting up in the dark makes me feel ill. I really struggle with sad. This would be mega helpful. Thanks for the chance.

  20. I have an unfortunate sleep cycle that is mostly incompatible with everyday life. The ideal time for me to sleep is from 2 – 9:30, but even with help from doctors we've been unable to change it. So, the best solution is not sleeping when's best for me and using sunlight to wake up when I don't want to.
    This would be a huge help in that.

  21. I would love to win this for my husband. He has trouble waking up in the morning, just's turns over and goes back to sleep. Maybe this could help!!!

  22. I would really like to have one of these as I struggle to wake up in the morning and I never feel like I've had enough sleep. This seems to be the answer to my problems!

  23. It is so difficult to get up in the morning when it is still dark. Especially after being up with a teething baby. So this Lumie light would make getting up less of a trial.

  24. My anxiety stops me sleeping at night and spend the day tired and emotional also have a 16 month old who co sleeps so would appreciate any help I can get thanks for chance and happy new year x

  25. As a carer for an elderly relative,my sleep pattern gets quite disrupted and do find it hard to return to sleep if i've been awake in the night, a friend suggested one of these as i might actually get a better quality of sleep.

  26. I'm up at 4 am to start work and it is getting harder and harder to get out of bed every morning. Would love to waken without the jolt in the mornings.

  27. I need a crane to get me out of bed on this winter mornings, this would be far nicer to ease me out and face the day.

  28. I struggle really hard on a night to fall asleep, which then has a knock on effect for the next morning. I'd absolutely love to win this, heard so many great reviews about it. Would love to try it for myself & to see if it really does make a difference

  29. I would love to win this as I am a chronic insomniac due to health issues. Multiple Sclerosis & underlying fibromyalgia mean I find it difficult to get comfortable & pain free in order to dose of. Then get caught in a vicious cycle of not being after to sleep and it making me more uncomfortable �� lack quality sleep as much as quantity of sleep. Trying to still hold down a job but it's awful feeling so rotten every morning I never wake up refreshed. This had a knock on effect on my mobility & cognition.
    Have read various reviews on this type of lamp and would relish the opportunity to try one myself. Would be great to be in a position where I could provide positive feedback of the benefits to others in my position. Thanks for the feedback.

  30. would love to win this, so I might get a better nights sleep knowing that Iwould get up when the alarm goes off in the mornings ready for school. I also think that the light would be quite soothing too

  31. i suffer really bad with insomnia and so when i do eventually get to sleep i find it really hard to get up in the morning. This is just the thing i need to help me wake up more naturally in the morning

  32. I have never been a morning person, even after 5 children. I'd love to win to see if this would help me adjust to mornings easier as I really struggle to wake up on dark mornings especially.

  33. I am really not a 'morning' person and struggle to wake up, particularly when i'm suddenly woken by an alarm.
    I love the idea of waking more naturally and gently, perhaps we may get a less grumpy school run too!

  34. I have widespread osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, so rested sleep is elusive. Waking up with a hangover, without touching a drop of alcohol, is my norm. Being gently allowed to wake up would be perfect. 😊

  35. It's a lovely gentle way to be woken up (even though I'm one of those annoying people who bound out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds!) It's also a beautiful looking clock which would sit well on my bedside table.

  36. I tend to get 6-7 hours a night, but sometimes wake up during the early hours, and do struggle to get to sleep at night too. This sublime Lumie would really help properly synchronise my circadian rhythms 🙂

  37. I'd love to win as I really struggle to get up and going in Winter and seem to be bursting with energy in the Summer, able to bound out of bed and stay up late and still feel fine. I'm convinced this light would help to redress the balance and keep my circadian rhythms more regular.

  38. In these dark winter months, this would be great to wake me up gently, as opposed to with a fright by my alarm clock. I love the fact that I can start my day with my own music via Bluetooth too – fantastic.

  39. I always sleep with the curtains open as I am incapable to wake up in the dark.
    I hope this would mimic the daylight and help me get up ealier in the winter.

  40. I struggle to get out of bed when it start outside, some natural light could be the perfect motivation for me!!!

  41. I have been looking for ages for a bodyclock like this!! I really struggle falling to sleep and getting up in the mornings, this would really help to help me feel bright and more awake in the morning.

  42. Yes please, thank you for the chance, we have four children the first three great sleepers since my last a year ago don't think me or daddy have slept properly since!

  43. I am really not a morning person and usually wake up to the sound of the annoying alarm which makes me grumpy and miserable before I even wake up! I suffer with a number of medical conditions which affect my sleep pattern, so I would love to try this bodyclock to see if it helps.

  44. Sleep is a key part to health and beauty regime everyone should have one of these if they really do work hopefully i get to try one out so i can invest in rest of the family xx

  45. Sleep is a key part to health and beauty regime everyone should have one of these if they really do work hopefully i get to try one out so i can invest in rest of the family xx

  46. I have fibromyalgia and find it hard to get up, I have to have a coffee maker by my bedside to help me. No kidding! The lads laugh but it helps enormously. A more natural way would be brilliant as the caffeine isn't good really.

  47. Would like to really wake up refreshed – like a summer morning in the middle of winter – gradually and more naturally. Definitely a 2017 New Year's resolution for me!

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