Birthday Presents on a Budget

youngest celebrates his 8th birthday next month and its always hard
budgeting for presents so soon after Christmas. The whole of December is so expensive with one thing or another
so January tends to hit me with a BUMP and before I know it another bundle of
presents need to make an appearance and I am worrying about how I will afford
to buy them in time.

it’s skimping and saving just so he has something to open and using discount
codes to get it cheaper. This year he
needs a new bike, so that leaves very little for anything else. We
have prime membership now (a present off the mother-in-law) so I do tend to
stick to Amazon to do the majority of my purchases. We live rurally so it suits us to have access to a wide range of
products without having to drive any distance.

always make a point of seeing if they have any voucher codes, voucher codes are
always few and far between when it comes to Amazon (probably because they do
have such good deals normally), but its not to say I won’t look anyway –
is one site I often check because you never know, sometimes you can be
lucky! We always get his second hand
Beano annuals from Amazon. He likes
having all the different years and had about six at Christmas, so I am sure a
few more to add to his collection will be appreciated.

Just clicking on the link I can see they have a
£5 off when you use prime – that could not be more perfect for me, I won’t feel
guilty adding another Beano into the shopping basket!

Other ideas I am
thinking about including:

A Movie Night pack – some popcorn, a pack of sweets and a new film with the promise of
being able to stay up later to watch it always goes down well.

Bath time bundle – he
loves new bubble bath, bath bombs anything like that and they can be picked up
quite cheaply. The Bath Sprudels product
look interesting, inside each bath bomb is an animal shaped sponge that you
find once it’s dissolved! He will like
the novelty of that and three for £7.70 on Amazon isn’t breaking the bank.

Give a “say yes” coupon booklet – how often do we say no to our children’s requests
(to stay up a little later, to have an extra sweet and so on) as long as its
safe and appropriate let them have a few yes coupons so they get to play
boss. Not sure how sensible it is to
let youngest override my decisions but I know for a fact he will absolutely LOVE
this idea.

I really can’t believe this cheeky chappy will be eight so soon!

Back to school today, will miss them but looking forward to some peace and quiet! x

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