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london attractions

I enjoy visiting London, as there is much to see and do. Where we live in Wales is lovely don’t get me wrong, just there isn’t a huge amount in the way of attractions. We make up for it with picturesque scenery of course but I crave a bit more action at times and London is the place to be. Fortunately the boys godmummy lives there, so we have very reasonable board and lodging!!! But London attractions themselves can be expensive and it pays to look for deals and discounts wherever possible.  I can see why so many people choose to visit London.

Here are some of our favourite attractions or ones we haven’t tried yet but are on our wish list to do soon:

Coca Cola London Eye

#london #londoneye admiring the views grateful of our #merlinannualpass x

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I love this attraction for views across London, the queues are a bit epic but it was worth it. We went up in the day but I could imagine it would be even more beautiful at night with twinkling lights everywhere.

River Thames Cruises

Booking a River Thames Cruise is another great way to sight-see or even combine the experience with afternoon tea to make it all the more indulgent. We have done a Duck Tour before but for our next London adventure I would like to try something else like the River Thames Speedboat, the speed looks quite exhilarating. Discount London has some great deals on all types of cruises.

Ripley’s Believe it or Not! London

Children will like this, lots of random exhibitions that will capture their interest, some of it is very obscure. My youngest liked this artwork made just from kisses!

Shrek’s Adventure

This is good as a one off if you have fans of DreamWorks films in your group, the 4D tour ride being a definite highlight. For the price though the attraction duration is quite short, we were all done after an hour and a half. The actors fair play are great though entertaining and funny and the scenes are well designed. At the end of the adventure you can take lots of pictures of models from all the different DreamWorks films.

LEGO shop

Okay admittedly it’s not an attraction as such but there is a big buzz about the new LEGO shop in Leicester Square. When we visited London we went to the M&M shop, it was utter chaos but the boys liked it as it was HUGE and they could get more interesting coloured M&M’s. As big fans of LEGO they no doubt will want to explore the flagship store.

We have also done London on the cheap. You can’t go wrong with lots of sand to play with at the Rainbow Park.  If these attractions have made you more eager to visit, you can also pick up flights to London quite affordably.

I have included a couple of ideas in my blog post about London on a budget but if you decide to book actual attractions shop around.

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