My throughts on ionCURVE Wristbands


I recently heard about ionCURVE wristbands and was intrigued by the concept and eager to try them out.

They are pitched as having lots of health benefits and assisting you with getting a better night sleep. All that for £9.99 a pop can’t be bad really can it! At that price it’s worth giving
them a try just to see if you notice any improvements.  If you do, I would consider stocking up for all the family so everyone could enjoy the lifestyle and medicinal advantages of the product. I gave the other wristband I was sent to my mum as she is always keen to try anything new that might help her sleep

They are quite attractive coming in a range of bright and cheerful colours. They are light and comfortable to wear. I slept in mine last night and was surprised just how well I slept. Usually I wake up and then have a dreadful time of it desperately trying to get back to sleep.  But last time was a whole different story. I don’t know if it was just a coincidence but the only thing that changed was wearing my wristband. Getting more sleep is so restorative and I feel much better today.  It has helped me become so much more productive because of it.

The wristbands give off negative ions and to be at their most beneficial should be worn 24 hours a day. You can even wear them in the shower, as they are waterproof so don’t worry about having to take them on and off. My size small was a bit tight getting past my hand but once on my wrist it fitted perfectly. You soon get used to it being there and forget you have it on, but all the time it’s doing its thing helping you feel better.

I am asthmatic and apparently positive ions can be bad for me so I think I will notice a real difference in managing my condition now the wristband is helping with its natural source of negative ions. It would be great if I could get to the point I could rely on my medication less. We will see how it goes over the next few weeks.

Negative ions sound quite magical don’t they?

I wish I had heard about these wristbands sooner, aside from helping with sleep patterns, they have been proven to decrease stress and increase your vitality! Lets be honest we all have such busy lifestyles these days if a wristband can give us a hand coping with everything life throws at us all for just £9.99 a time, why isn’t everyone wearing one? Join the ionCURVE revolution… I know I am glad I have.

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