Toddlebike2 Giveaway

I have teamed up with Toddlebike to giveaway a Toddlebike2
these are perfect for children 18 months plus that aren’t quite ready for a
balance bike or scooter. They have been
specially designed with easy reach handles and large wheels so they are
effortless for little ones to ride them; Jo the founder is a mum of three so
naturally she has a good basis to know what works with children of that

For parents the
lightweight build is ideal too, so when your child has had enough (although
they might not as they will enjoy their new found freedom!) it is no hardship
carrying it home afterwards – you can even position the toddlebike2 on the back
of a buggy.

at £23.95 (including postage) they are also very affordable, despite the price
it’s a quality product and very safe (all materials are CE-approved, TUV certified). It also comes with a three-year guarantee.

The Toddlebike2 comes in three
bright colours, Midnight Blue, Pinky Pink and Racing Red and gives children a
chance to develop their confidence before they progress to other types of bikes
and scooters. My boys took quite some
time to become independent riders so I wish in a way they had started out on
Toddlebikes first it might have given them a more promising start. We had lots of ride-on toys but nothing
in-between before going straight to pedal bikes. Perhaps it was too much of a leap because they did struggle at
first, a Toddlebike2 would have given them an earlier start with developing steering and
balancing skills.

The second version of the
Toddlebike copes better with different terrains so can be enjoyed outdoors.

If you would like to enter the competition to win a
Toddlebike2 in a colour of your choice please fill in the form below by the 6th
of February.

Win a Toddlebike2 in a colour of your choice

178 thoughts on “Toddlebike2 Giveaway

  1. Such a lovely toddler bike, my little baby grandson is 16 months so this would be so useful for him in a few weeks time. He is energetic but is very co-ordinated so would love to ride this when he comes to stay.

  2. Thanks so much- I've entered coz I think my 2 year old would adore this! I also remember how much I struggled to learn to ride a bike when I was a kid so I'm hoping to help him out with that a bit earlier!

  3. Oh it would be great to win this. My little boy will be 2 at the beginning of March and this would make a fab present. It looks like a great first bike that he could slip on and off with ease.

  4. This would make a lovely gift for my cousins son who loves to dress as a knight and is always on the move on his broomstick with horses head so he would love this as we would pretend its a red horse

  5. wow what a fabulous prize, i would love to win this for my little grand daughter Alexis who is 2 in April, so im keeping my fingers crossed for me but wishing good luck to everybody. it would be so amazing to win this and again wow what a fab prize.

  6. Would love this for my Daughter Sofia! I think the fact that it is lightweight is fantastic! I remember lugging my son Leo's round feeling like my arm was going to fall off lol

  7. I would love to try this for my new children's enterainment business venture. I am looking to buy a selection of ride on's for activities in the near future. To be able to try this would be amazing

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