Vileda Windomatic Window Cleaner Competition

You know its tough keeping house, refereeing my boy’s
squabbles and managing my blog deadlines, emails and other administration all
in one day. So I like it when I find a
product that can make housework a bit easier, because if I am honest I am not a
fan. If I can do a quick once over and
get the place gleaming (or at least presentable of sorts) all well and good,
because I would rather be doing other things. 
Thankfully I think Vileda feels the same, they realise parents are
pressed for time and are desperate for cleaning shortcuts with reliable
products that give you the helping hand you sorely need.

Take today for example we have
been out for the boys to attend a workshop and watch a show, had lunch out and
I have come home unlocked a few areas on Jurassic Park on the Wii U with youngest
(as you do!) then sat with him as he read his homework books. Once the boys were safely tucked up in bed I
move on to other jobs.

I have one blog post scheduled,
written a blog post for hubbies travel blog, entered a handful of competitions
and now at 23:07 I have started writing this giveaway (think of the traffic, sleep is for the weak right?). Sucker for punishment or what! Then I will no doubt have a quick sweep of
the house to make sure everything is tidy (ish!) before debating whether its
too late to sneak in one episode of Netflix. 
Do you feel like you never stop too?

But despite all our commitments
our windows are still looking good because hubbie loves the Vileda
(RRP £49.99) – he enjoys seeing the windows sparkle! It is a simple device to use and very
effective. The windows looked streak
free when he finished. We have a lot of
windows so its good he’s finding it easy to manage especially as this time of
year condensation always seems worse. 
Now I have no trouble looking out the windows and enjoying the view.

It’s a pretty versatile product you can even use it to suck up spills, which there are always plenty here with two boys knocking over drinks and a dog with a very waggy tail enthusiastically doing the same!

Plus you can even clean the water chamber in your dishwasher.

I have a Vileda Windomatic to giveaway here if you
would like to enter and have windows looking as good as mine with little fuss
or effort, please fill out the form below by the 16th of February.

Win a Vileda Windomatic

376 thoughts on “Vileda Windomatic Window Cleaner Competition

  1. I actually love homemaking and housework, and I love shiny windows. That is one area where I have not been happy with results in the past. This product looks perfect for doing the job easily and getting fab results. Thank you

  2. Margaret Clarkson
    Vileda makes such great products for floor cleaning, I'm sure the window cleaner will be fab too. Thank you for offering such a lovely prize.

  3. What a fabulous bit of kit, we live in a really old house & condensation is a nightmare in the winter, this little gadget would really help me keep on top the problem & save me a fortune in kitchen roll

  4. Great prize, something that we are also in need of. As windows do get dirty quite quickly due to busy road nearby, traffic pollution. Yet we do have a Beautiful view, as by the coastline.

    Rachel Craig

  5. I really need one of these in my life, I feel like half my cleaning is just glass (shower screens, interior French doors to conservatory that we use as dining room), I'd use the extra hour saved to catch up on Netflix too probably!

  6. This is a fab prize – I can think of so many good uses for it. Windows, doors, mirrors, shower screens. If I am not the lucky winner I will definitely be buying myself one!

  7. This great prize would be well needed in my house with plenty large Windows and three cats and a dog who also from time to time knock over my cup of tea. And why is it that whenever they do that, my cup is always full? My dog tries to lend a hand by licking up as much tea as she can but it's no way better than the vileda window vac.

  8. This would be a fab win, I have lots of windows and find them hard to clean, I even have windows on 2 of my doors in my living room and kitchen and my little boy always gets them all dirty, this looks soooo handy

  9. Been looking for something like this for a while now. We have terrible condensation and this would help us keep on top on it!

  10. Well we've tried everything else (short of fitting triple glazing) sponges, chamois leather, cloths etc so I wonder if this will keep the windows dry?

  11. I have to admit i despise cleaning my windows – very rarely do they get done. Yet when the sun shines and i see how awful they look i dread having to do them. This cleaner seems like the answer to anyone thats like me haha – much less work and the job gets done.

  12. Would be so useful as we have big sliding glass doors into our conservatory which my Granddaughter always loves to touch with sticky hands! Plus make cleaning all the other windows so easy.

  13. I cannot tell you how much we need one of these in our home! We live in an old cottage with single glazed sash windows and they get terrible condensation….every morning im there wiping away at the windows with cloths and towels. This would be a god send!!

  14. This product sounds like it would be a godsend, I'm currently wiping windows and doors three times a day due to condensation; its got worse since I replaced wooden frames with plastic.

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