Comvita Honey Review and Giveaway


When buying honey products its important to look for the UMF® mark.  You want  be confident about the purity of the honey you are buying and that the Manuka honey products are genuine. Manuka honey is quite unique so you do not want to risk buying a fraudulent substitute that lacks the antibacterial healing properties of this special honey.

With Comvita you know you are getting a superior product as they are a company that has been producing world-renowned UMF® Mānuka honey since 1974. The UMF® testing process is currently the most comprehensive; so you can be reassured about the quality of the honey you are buying. Comvita honey is sourced from New Zealand’s most remote locations, deep in the bush of Kaimanawa.

Comvita Winter Wellness Range

The lemon & honey lollipops (£5.99) from the Winter Wellness range of products are ideal for everyday use and will soothe your child’s throat and make them more comfortable when fighting those nasty winter bugs! I feel much happier treating my children with natural products, ingredients that are pure but still powerful.

Comvita really do have lots of winter essentials. When children are at school they seem to go from one cold to another it makes sense to stock up on some decent products to help keep them (and yourself well). The Children’s Manuka Honey Elixir (currently reduced to £12.79 from £16.00) contains UMF 10+ Manuka Honey and Propolis. Bees use Propolis to help protect their beehive from infection. Bees are very clever they even place it at the hive entrance to disinfect their legs as they return home.

The wound gel (£10.00) promotes healing whilst reducing scarring.  It also cleans and protects so should be included in every family first aid box for all those cuts and grazes that come with raising kids!  Mine always seem to be tumbling over their own feet.  I plan on carrying it in my handbag at all times!!!  This wound gel is even used in hospitals so it’s a good product to have close by.

The Manuka Honey varies in price depending on the strength.  The UMF® 5+ one I was sent costs £12.99 (for 250g).  I always find a spoonful of Manuka honey really helps when I am suffering from a sore throat.


I have a set of Comvita products to giveaway.  It includes lemon & honey lollipops, the children’s Manuka Honey Elixir, Wound Gel and a jar of Manuka Honey.  If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 24th of March.

This competition has now closed.  Please enter one of my existing competitions instead.

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  1. Love Manuka honey in warm water with touch of lemon juice when I go to bed It helps with my breathing problems as it eases the chest.

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