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The boys were sent two Fingerlings to come and live with us. They really liked their new loveable robotic baby monkey friends.  Now the boys are almost 8 and on their way to 10 they seem to play with toys less, fortunately these funny monkeys captured their attention and amused them no end.

We had Boris (blue) and Finn (black) delivered but you can also purchase Mia (purple), Sophie (white), Bella (pink) and Zoe (turquoise) to join your expanding troop of monkeys.

I really liked the colour combination of Boris the vivid blue with the bright orange hair looks great. Eldest really liked the tuft of hair and trying to style it!

Each baby monkey has a RRP of £14.99 so it’s an inexpensive toy, which has proven to be very responsive and entertaining, ideal for children 5+. You can find these toys at Amazon, The Entertainer, Smyths and Tesco – or try your luck entering to win one on my blog!

The Fingerlings make lots of different sounds.  They have cute blinking eyes and like hanging on your finger or swinging by their curly tail. You can rock them to sleep and blow them kisses. They are quite sweet really but they will make your children giggle when they press and hold the head sensors for a cheeky surprise. Youngest liked pretending his monkey was telling the monkey news when it was babbling away, the crown bananas got stolen apparently. So for my boys this toy has encouraged them to be imaginative.

Both the boys have enjoyed interacting with their new pet.  They are very responsive although Finn was being stubborn and refused to blow kisses back! But would we expect any less from this mischievous monkey!!!

The Fingerlings like being stroked and make contended little sounds.  They respond to sounds (like you clapping), motion and touch. It’s fun seeing how your monkey will react to what you do.  When they are choosing to behave that is!

You can watch a little video of Boris in action below:


If you would like to win your own Fingerlings baby monkey (character chosen at random and cannot be picked) please fill out the form below by the 26th of March.

The competition has now closed.  Please check out my open competitions instead.

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