Getting a better nights sleep


With a blog called Missing Sleep you know lack of sleep is a bit of a bugbear for me.  It started out with the boys waking at crazy times in the night!  There was one particularly trying period when they decided 1 am was a good time to start the day.

It was a struggle but we survived it just about!  Strong cups of tea were a necessity; occasionally I would nod off mid-story with youngest! It’s torture not getting enough shuteye and slowly it can grind you down.

Now on the other side of things I don’t sleep as well but it’s not down to the children anymore, they sleep very well on the whole, although it was a long time coming. These days I find it difficult to get comfortable.  I wake more often in the night for no apparent reason.  I am tired but my body won’t always give in to sleep.  It’s so frustrating, especially as I feel I need that sleep. The clock watching is the worst and once I wake I start thinking… and thinking… and the clock ticks closer to morning.

New Bedding

I was looking at investing in a new mattress topper to see if that would remedy some of my aches and pains but it can be expensive. Being very frugal these days though I am always determined to find a discount or special offer and this one looks like a possibility. Soak & Sleep look like they have lots of products that offer comfort, support and firmness. Apparently the successful combination helps you get a great night sleep so this could be just the thing! Assuming the price is right of course.

Learn to worry less

I need to take time to unwind so I can go to sleep relaxed and happy not with lots of deadlines and worries on my mind. One of my biggest worries was our finance situation but since we have started using discount codes and cutting back on our expenditure our bank account has dipped out of the overdraft at last. That’s one less thing to keep me up at night. I never buy anything without first seeing if I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

If financial worries are effecting your sleep write a list of where you can cutback, what you can do better (like shopping around and using voucher sites), things you could maybe sell to bring in a bit of extra cash. Writing things down can be quite therapeutic.

It hasn’t helped I was watching a show on living on benefits and it made me realise how hard it is for some people.  But getting into good habits with your finances can do a lot to improve your situation.

Finally try and be consistent when it comes to bedtime, a set routine gives your body all the cues it needs to go to sleep. We do this for our own children but sadly neglect to do the same for ourselves. Try not to worry too much, be proactive and see what you can change to achieve a better nights sleep.  Hopefully with a new mattress topper (at a good price), a thorough review of your finances and a sensible time for light out you will get the rest you need.

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