ic10 Smart Watch Review

was sent the ic10 smart watch
(£39.99) to review.

The app was easy to
install, then you simply add a few details (gender, height, weight and date of
birth) before pairing up your watch.

The watch paired up with the app without any
problems. I was encouraged to do 10,000
steps to be healthy. I think it’s a
great motivational tool, seeing how many steps you have done so far in a day
does encourage you to keep going and walk further until you meet your
target. The app stated that 10,000
steps equates to 104 minutes walking or 40 minutes cycling so you get some idea
about what you need to do to achieve your aim. 
You can quickly see how many calories you have burnt too.

watch was very lightweight and comfortable to wear. The colours are very bright and vibrant or you can choose grey or
black if you want something more neutral. 
If you buy the light grey pink ribbon watch £5 goes to the Pink Ribbon
Foundation, this charity helps raise breast cancer awareness. With 1/8 women being diagnosed with breast
cancer in their lifetime it’s an important charity to support.

wore my new watch on my left hand as the watch works best on your light hand
(the hand you use less). It did seem
very accurate when we were driving the steps did not go up. The display on the watch is good; you can
clearly see the time, date and battery indicator.

Then can click for the number of steps achieved and then again
for the distanced travelled.

has some very useful features; I really liked that when your phone rings the
watch vibrates. I have missed important
calls before but with the watch vibrating that shouldn’t be a problem in the

can also record your sleep activity, this is quite revealing seeing how well
you have slept. You can see the length
of your deep and light sleep. I had a
bad nights sleep – I had chosen not to wear my ionCURVE
that night which might have been a mistake as I had been sleeping
much better!

battery lasts 7-10 days but you can charge it in less than 2 hours so can be
done in the evening before you go to bed when your not active (watching TV) so
you don’t have to miss out recording your steps or monitoring your sleep.

is a useful product and a great way to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

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  1. Will it oair with a huawei p6, I bought a similar product only I could not pair it with my mobile or dowloaf an app for it. I'd love but not at the expense of having to change my mobile

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