The Secret Superheroes #familysuperpowers

secret superheroes

Growing up you look at the likes of Batman, Superman and Spiderman as superheroes, full of admiration for their skills and prowess but whilst you’re eagerly watching your idol take down the bad guys (BAM, WHACK!) the real superhero might go unnoticed.

Being There

You know the person in the background keeping an eye on things making sure everything is done.  Keeping things ticking over and always wanting the best for you. Yes that person there your mum (or dad equally important and special!) they are the true heroes. I am glad to be working with Npower and Mumsnet to help acknowledge those Family Super Powers. The aim of the campaign is to celebrate the super powers parents discover when they become parents themselves.  Whether its things they knew instinctively or have developed as time has passed.

Always Available

My mum and dad were always available, whether it was helping me with my homework, going without so I didn’t have to and doing everything in their power so they could keep me warm, safe and happy. But you only really appreciate the sacrifices they have made when you have children yourself. Until then you kind of take it for granted.

Yes your parents might not be able to shoot lasers out of their eyes, freeze time or turn invisible but they can multitask like you wouldn’t believe, live on so little sleep, defuse a tantrum and cleverly hide vegetables in sauces!!! I know all this because I am living it now. One long day at a time, I am trying my best, I might not always get it right, but I carry on, I wake up and prepare for more challenges, I don’t give up.

My lovely littlest was a poorly boy last night but on the mend thankfully x

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I have got through the early days fuelled on cups of (cold) tea and sneaky chocolate bars out of vision of the kids! I have continued to keep the house running, the boys topped up on cuddles, making sure they had fresh air and some kind of activity whilst my body was desperate to sleep. The ability to keep going, even when the odds are stacked against you, is the defining nature of a parent. Some nights one of the boys would start their day at 1am… it’s a huge superpower to leave the comfort of your bed and start parenting at that hour of the night!!!  But we did it, hubbie and I as a tag team.

I understand now, thank you mum and dad.

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3 thoughts on “The Secret Superheroes #familysuperpowers

  1. Awww I love this, totally agree parents are superheroes! You don't realise until you have kids how much your parents had to put up with do you lol x

  2. I love being a parent, and it's the one job in life that I think I'm actually ok at and the rewards you get from your kids is better than any work bonuses you could ever get, but do agree you do need special parent superpowers

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