WELLY Ham and Egg Cups #ThriftyEats

welly ham

I was sent a selection of cooked meats from WELLY to make a #ThriftyEats recipe.  WELLY products helps support British farming and I think it’s more important than ever before to help the economy by buying British. These are such convenient versatile products to have in, so you can quickly whip up a sandwich for your hungry family!

WELLY are passionate about their products and only work with farmers they know and trust. The cooked meats taste great so that passion and commitment is reflected in the quality of the end product.

For my #ThriftyEats recipe I wanted to focus on Ham and eggs as they are a lovely combination and an ideal comfort food. Incorporating both into my meal was not very expensive either, lets be honest most of us are feeling the pinch but we still want to provide our families with filling wholesome meals.  Hopefully with plenty of protein you’re also less likely to snack later…

The overall cost was about £5 to feed a family of four, which included the pack of WELLY ham, free-range eggs and a bit of salad.

The Ham and Egg Cups are very simple and quick to make. Let’s be honest as parents we are pressed for time. It’s hard for me to devote myself to the kitchen as my pair love arguing!!!  Forget the mum title I am first and foremost a referee these days (sigh!).

Ham and Egg Cups Instructions

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees C

Use a non-stick oil spray to make sure nothing sticks

Line a muffin tray with the WELLY ham

Crack an egg inside each one

Leave to bake in the oven until the whites are cooked (12-14 minutes)

Serve with salad (and chips if your feeling naughty!)

The boys loved the novelty of the meal. Such an easy recipe that anyone can make.

Isn’t it about time you added some WELLY to your meals?

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