Comic Relief & Aquafresh Go Bonkers #bonkerssnuffles

the moment when you buy a special Comic Relief promotional pack of Aquafresh you have the chance of
winning an exclusive #bonkerssnuffles timer, they are giving away 100s every day! All you do is enter the code on your pack
and then you’re in the draw for that day.

boys have become much better at brushing their teeth since he came to live with
us. They brush for two whole minutes
now whereas before I think it was lucky if the brush made one full circuit
around the mouth before they were out of the bathroom again at record

Brits only brush on average for 45 seconds according to ‘New clinical evidence for the benefits of brushing
for longer’ from a sample of 57 healthy volunteers 25–65 years of age in the
UK, 2000). I know I should probably
brush for longer myself, so maybe I should get #bonkerssnuffles to give me a
helping hand as well. I can then be a
better role model for the boys!

is such a funny timer, making the most random noises so the boys seem to want
to continue brushing. My two are 8 and
9 and love him but I am sure he would work with children much younger too. #bonkerssnuffles is such a character and it makes tooth brushing a
bit more entertaining for the kids whilst keeping the parents happy that they
are now brushing for the recommended time. 
Hopefully meaning fewer trips to the dentist and nice white teeth to
show for their extended tooth brushing efforts.

had a sand timer in the bathroom previously but the novelty of that had long
worn off, all that did was slowly release sand, #bonkerssnuffles is truly bonkers and very
noisy! So stock up on those promotional
packets and keep on entering, the main promotion closes on the 31st of
March. Good luck!
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7 thoughts on “Comic Relief & Aquafresh Go Bonkers #bonkerssnuffles

  1. This is handy to know. My son is aiming for 2 minutes a day after a recent dentist visit, so he has been getting me to time him on my phone! A timer would be a very useful addition to our bathroom!

  2. My kids have got electric toothbrushes with timers on and I clean them for them most days, i really don't want them having the same trouble I have had with my teeth so I am really OCD about it x

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