How to make the move less stressful

move less stressful

I still remember the upheaval when we moved house almost three years ago.  The kids would unpack toys quicker than I could pack them, it was tiring getting everything organized ready for the big move! I think when you have children its best to get the maximum amount of help you can to make the move less stressful.

Children love to contribute to the process.  But seriously it’s easier just to get cracking on your own OR my preference leave it in the hands of the professionals.  Go out for a tea and cake and know you have someone else doing the packing and heavy lifting. They can even factor in the cost of the boxes if needed so no having to go round all the local shops, begging if they have any spare cardboard boxes is a welcome bonus!!!

I wish I had booked a removal company to do everything as it was we just had them take the heaviest items. If you have the budget it’s much more sensible to move every single item! They have all the equipment to make sure your furniture arrives safely in its new home. To be honest with the number of car journeys we did it would probably have been as economical to book the removal company to do it all. Like anything though do your research to make sure you pick the right company for the job!

Important things to find out before booking any removals company

Make sure they have adequate insurance – even the most experienced people can have an accident and drop or damage something valuable, you want to know that you won’t be out of pocket for any breakages.

The experience of previous customers – take time to read reviews left my past customers to make sure they had a good experience or if none are visible ask for references.

Do they have the equipment you need to keep items clean and safe in transit – make sure mattresses are covered and valuables fully protected! A man with a van might not have everything you need for a smooth removal.

Get a few different quotes – but remember the cheapest one might not be the best, that company might not have considered everything (like the loft space etc) so their quote is not fully reflective of the job. Double check all the details before confirming who you plan on using.

If you are moving soon hopefully these tips will help you find the right removal company. Good luck!

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