Introducing Ebookadabra


Ebookadabra is an app we have just discovered, it’s perfect for my boys who can never have enough reading material!

I like how it’s designed it really encourages children to read more books so they can unlock the special stickers and fun games. The games they unlock are very educational too, plenty of variety with everything from jigsaws, letter formation, memory games and sliding puzzles.

My two are avid readers but for those who are a little bit more reluctant Ebookadabra can really help inspire children to want to learn! If you want to unlock a particular sticker the app cleverly tells you which books you need to read.


Children will want to fill their sticker albums quite quickly, so expect them to be highly motivated to read.

Ebookadabra is primarily for children aged three to seven and that age group will really enjoy what the app offers.

The books are organised into fifteen different themes so it’s always easy for your child to find something to interest them.  The book themes include Films & TV, Classic Tales, Witches & Wizards and Home & Family to name but a few.

The books were very colourful and appealing.  Children will love the freedom to browse through such a vast catalogue and find a book that interests them. For youngest it was a book about beards!  It made him laugh reading about a man pretending he had a teeny tiny cat living in his beard!

Importing Books

When your child finds a book they want to read they just import it, which happens very quickly. Some of the books had audio you could turn on so you could listen to the book instead of reading it yourself if you wanted.  This is ideal for younger readers if you want a break from reading one book after another! The voice of the Dragon Jelly book youngest found very funny.  It was also useful that the words were highlighted as they were read.  This can really help develop children’s reading ability.

List of Ebookadabra Books Read

They also have “My room” which shows all the books your child has read.  This is a useful way to see what books captured their interest and how they are getting on with their reading journey.

Sound Effects

We all found the sound of swishing through the pages very satisfying.  You still feel like you have your proper book fix. I like the boys having access to so many books.  We do go to the library but its much more convenient with lots of books available to read without leaving the house!

We have so much left to discover, for £2.99 a month you cannot fault what the app has to offer.  You can download the app from the iTunes and benefit from the first month for FREE.  Ebookadabra is a great way to encourage a love of reading.

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