Getting The Most Out Of Your Match Attax Extra Packs

Match Attax football

Last week I posted about the launch of Match Attax on my blog.  This week I am back again this time with more details of how to get the most out of your cards. Last time round the boys didn’t really play a game they just collected and swapped their cards, which they were more than happy with. But this time I was determined for them to get the most out of the Match Attax experience.

Do make sure you register as a team on the Match Attax Club Together page you then have a chance of winning some amazing prizes.  Including the top prize of a training session with Kevin De Bruyne! Finding his gold limited edition card is exciting enough BUT how much better would it be to meet him in person.  Hopefully your child would learn a few tips!



With 100 full training packs and 400 bag and training balls to be won, you have good odds of winning a prize! It doesn’t take long to register, just make sure your team or club share ALL the codes they get from your Match Attax Extra packs (and of course keep your fingers tightly crossed!) – its all about getting the MOST points.

I like this element of the cards and think it’s a lovely reward for a team that are crazy about football!!! They even have 50 complete kits to be won, so you can all look the part on the pitch.  It’s a good way to encourage team spirit, all working together entering codes for the chance to win. You can keep an eye on the leaderboard to see where you feature.

How to play Match Attax

Then you have the Match Attax game whereby you try and score more goals than your opponent.  After a few rounds you are soon familiar with the concept.  There really is much more to these cards than I realised from my experience last year.

Playing the game really gives you a good insight into a proper football match.  You have to pick your line-up of 11 players.  Then decide on your formation, choose your tactics and make substitutions when required. You can have two tactic cards per match so do pick wisely! It really gets my boys thinking strategically.  Giving them a greater understanding of what is involved if you were a manager.

If you want to make it more challenging restrict it so the line-up cannot cost more than £100 million including substitutes. Given how much players cost these days that is harder than you think!!!

So if your children are pestering for a pack of Match Attax Extra do look at the bigger picture.  They could be gaining lots of newfound knowledge AND winning prizes too!!! You can’t grumble at that.

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