If you want to know more about me read on #20FACTSABOUTME

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I was tagged by Gorgeous Georges Mama to share 20 facts about ME. I don’t think I am overly interesting so I am going to have to really wrack my brain to come up with something fun so you can know more about me.


I met my husband online playing World of Warcraft.  When I started my subscription I never knew it would lead me to my soul mate!


My mum struggled to conceive me so expecting the same problems we got cracking straight away. But it happened in the first month of trying!  Our wedding had to be pulled forward so I could squeeze into my dress.


Our romance was a whirlwind.  I was engaged, pregnant AND married within the first six months. Yes totally fast tracked that! But thankfully still pleased with my choice 10 years later.


My husband even warms my side of the bed so I don’t have to get cold and is my tea making errand boy! No wonder it’s a happy marriage.


I have such a sweet tooth.  Once I gave up treats for three weeks but one of my best friends force-fed me cake as I was so grumpy and intolerable without it in my life.


I finally passed my driving test on the fourth attempt but have never really driven. I get quite anxious and think its partly down to my dad almost driving us into the harbour when I was a kid! My mum used to take him out for driving lessons with my brother and I sat in the back…


I have lived in lots of cities (Manchester, Liverpool, Lancaster, Bristol…) but I am a country bumpkin at heart!  Glad to be living rurally again.


I hate mazes, like proper freak out if I can’t get out of them! I start off okay, but if I struggle to find the way out I get panic stricken…



Also I am not keen on thunderstorms. I don’t like watching lightening.  Ideally I would go hide in a room without windows.


I am a hopeless cook; I get flustered trying to time the meal. When I was at university I even managed to cook my knife that I had pronged the sausages with, I had melted plastic all over them!!!


I have been asthmatic since I was five.  I even had an asthma attack when I was stuck in a lift on a school trip to Paris when I was in primary school! It ended up working in my favour though.  As I got extra chips and a can of pop at dinner.


Despite good results at school, college and university I still have bad dreams about exams when I feel anxious about anything!  I am either late for them or completely unprepared!


I survived Camp America when I was 18 even though it meant gruelling long days (8am – 10pm), hurricane warnings and lots of mosquito bites!


I used to be BIG on entering competitions and won some lovely prizes, £1000, £500, year of BT Broadband, XBOX and a holiday to the South of France. I would love to enter more again but never seem to find the time.


I have been blogging since November 2011. I originally started hoping I could review some toys/games for my boys. We didn’t earn much back then and I thought it would be a nice way to provide them with those types of things that we couldn’t afford. Little did I know it would turn out to give us so much more.  In terms of blogging friends, an income and incredible experiences.


I like us to do lots as a family; I am not a fan of empty weekends stretching ahead of us, I feel we should be off on a trip or adventure, making the most of every moment. I drive the boys mad, as they would like the occasional pyjama day and hubbie grumbles about the cost of all the days out.


I have recently started kickboxing lessons but need to find my inner tiger! RAAH!


I feel sometimes like I should achieve more.  I always think my blog could be better; that I really should be driving again or that there is some part of my life I haven’t fulfilled.  It’s the gamer in me I think; you always feel you should be levelling up.


I have been a Zoo Assistant and fed fish to the penguins, eggs to the artic foxes and a calf’s head to a lion… (yes carrying that bucket around was not much fun I can tell you!).

FACT TWENTY (so now you know more about me!)

I did an army experience week when I was in college; I left with food poisoning and a wooden spoon for my efforts. I am not a natural cadet obviously

I would like to tag the following bloggers Hubby Helps and Reluctant Traveller as I would love to read all their facts!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Your life is ridiculously interesting! Sounds like you've done so many amazing cool things. I am very jealous. We sound very similar too in that I always feel I could be doing more or doing better. Total gamers attitude lol. I haven't gamed for two years now but was well into the Sims and grand theft auto 5. Fab post.

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