Stop Being Meek And Start Speaking

stop being meek

Quiet people are predisposed to sit on the fence. It’s sad but true. When you hate confrontation, you become accustomed to keeping quiet. After all, you don’t want to attract unwelcome attention. So, instead of telling someone you disagree with them, you sit back and let them rant at you. Instead of addressing something you think is unfair, you walk by and pretend you haven’t seen it. But, getting into the habit of speaking out stands to make you a stronger person. You have opinions; we all do. You should feel brave enough to express them without worrying about the consequences. Let’s look at some of the reasons it’s important to speak out about what you believe.


We all like to think we could make a difference. You may not change the world by voicing your opinions (though you could if you did things right), but you could change one person’s view. Do that a few times, and you’ve made a difference. We’re not saying you need to hit sites like and unleash a campaign. But, speaking about things you feel strongly towards could make people stop and think. They’ll go on to tell other people the same thing, and soon your opinion will have a ripple effect.

To help you build confidence, and to ensure you stand a better chance of convincing people you’re right, study the facts of what you believe. Often, individuals who fail to express their opinions do so because they aren’t sure their beliefs are correct. It may be that you’ve formed your opinion from suspicion, rather than something you know to be true. Plus, if your views aren’t factual, they won’t have an impact. Being able to back things up with facts and statistics will make people sit up and take notice.


You heard right. Sometimes, it’s possible to make money from speaking out. And, we could all do with a little more of that. There are various ways your opinions can earn for you. Let’s start with the most basic; making a complaint. How often do you accept terrible service because you don’t like to say anything? If you speak out, chances are the company will offer something in return. Or, you could sign up to survey sites, and trade your opinions on particular products for cash. Head somewhere like to get an idea of reliable survey sites which offer money. You could go all out and write articles about what you believe in. You could sell these to local newspapers, or magazines.


Every parent dreams of leaving a legacy for their children. If you learn to speak out, you would be doing just that. If you children watch you forever holding back on giving an opinion, they’ll do the same when they’re older. You have the power to show them that standing up for what you believe in is the right way of doing things.

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