Using Zeek to make Easter Savings

Easter savings with Zeek

There has never been a better time to use Zeek an online marketplace that lets you buy (and sell) gift cards and vouchers. At the moment they have a special Easter offer.  This started on the 12th and lasts until the 18th of April 2017.  It applies whenever you spend £100 on their site, you will then receive £10 credit back to spend on any gift card or voucher of your choosing. This offer is up to a maximum of £50 cashback.

This is a great promotion for families because Easter can be quite expensive. Over the two-week holiday we tend to spend quite a bit.  The boys like going to the cinema, visiting attractions and eating in restaurants. We tend to do something most days to keep them occupied.  So anything that can make creating all those holiday memories a bit more affordable is a good thing and much appreciated!!! The boys always seem to eat more over the holidays so I will see if I can make any savings on the supermarket shop.  I need to restock the empty cupboards.

Vouchers from Zeek

Buying vouchers from Zeek at a discounted rate helps make it more reasonable!  The savings on vouchers range from 5% to 25% so well worth a browse to see what deal benefit you most. So that combined with the special Easter promotion can make it a good offer. Many of us are on a budget so we need to look at where savings can be made and Zeek looks quite promising. I have used Zeek before and found it easy to navigate, my voucher were quick to order; the whole process appeared very straightforward! You can filter the brands if you are looking for a voucher you want to redeem online or In Store and by category (if you have something in mind your searching for). When you have chosen a brand you can see what gift cards are available.


It’s handy to know that if you have vouchers you don’t need anymore equally Zeek is a useful platform to earn yourself some cash, whether you have won vouchers you don’t need, been gifted them or awarded them through work someone somewhere will be after those particular ones and they will get snapped up! I haven’t used that side of the site yet but will definitely keep it in mind if I have blog opportunities with gift vouchers I don’t need.

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