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Our house needed so much doing to it when we first moved in and only now three years later are we starting to see any progress. With some rooms coming together nicely, I have started to change my mind about wallpaper. I think it would be nice to have some just to break up the expanse of magnolia paint!!!  We went a little overboard when we first moved in, stripping back walls and buying magnolia paint in bulk thinking it would be a nice fresh colour! But it’s a bit bland when used on every single wall. A feature wall like those from Colour Graphics would really transform our living room and make it more interesting.

It’s a big room it could definitely do with something to draw the eye.  But then it’s choosing a pattern that works.  I really like Colour Graphics option to custom print wallpaper so you have much more flexibility regarding the size and design you want.

How much nicer is it having a scenic backdrop of somewhere you have been already, a place that really means something to you rather than a standard wallpaper design that you can find in everyone else’s house. It certainly makes interiors a bit more personal and unique. I am thinking the location where my husband proposed or the beautiful woods we visit with our children, then I can look at the wallpaper fondly and have all those wonderful memories flood back.

My son will be having work done in his room soon, he needs a new ceiling and he isn’t overly keen as it means he will lose his beautiful sea life mural print in the process so perhaps he could start taking pictures to find something suitable he could have custom printed instead.

Or if you have a business having a custom print might be better suited to express your vision. Possibly something like the design below for a salon, as you can capture models with beautiful glossy hair.


If you would like to enter this fabulous competition to win £150 to spend on custom wallpaper printing courtesy of Colour Graphics please fill out the form below by the 21st of May.

This competition has now closed, please check out my current competitions.

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