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I have teamed up with Splashlings to giveaway some fabulous ocean themed toys to celebrate them now being available to buy in the UK. I have loved mermaids since watching The Little Mermaid as a child and I think lots of little girls will be delighted that these toys are not limited to those living in the US anymore.

These cute little mermaid figures have lots of playability and they have plenty of underwater friends (Splashlings) so you can have some exciting sea based adventures. You have dolphins, penguins, turtles, crabs, shark and coral to name but a few.

Some packs come with collectable shells with mystery gem Splashlings hiding inside; children will enjoy the suspense of seeing what new sparkly friend they find. I think its more thrilling not being able to see all the Splashlings that come in each pack! If you’re especially lucky you might get a super treasure or the ultra rare Amy Anchor.

With so many different characters its handy that you can download an app to keep track of the ones you still need to collect.

Alongside the characters packs you have two exciting play sets, the Coral Playground (£22.99) is the perfect place to relax and enjoy yourself with a swing, slide and hot tub!

If your Splashlings are feeling under the weather you can check them into the Medical Centre and do some all-important assessments, you have the F.I.S.H scan machine, an examining table and a place to recuperate complete with a cushion!

Both sets come with exclusive characters so any fan of these new figures will NEED to add them to their growing collection.

Win with Splashlings

If you would like to win the Splashlings Medical Centre (RRP £15.99) and a 12-pack collectable friends set (RRP £10.99) please kindly fill the form below by the 6th of June.

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