Polo Shirts: A Wardrobe Essential

polo shirts

My hubbie was sent two polo shirts from the extensive range at Jacamo. My husband is a casual dresser normally even though I have tried to get him to dress like a gentleman.  But polo shirts are a nice compromise to look a bit smarter on occasion.

We are also trying to be more active too having taken up kickboxing as a couple.  So its great he has some clothes in his wardrobe that make him look more active! I am hoping it will encourage him to keep getting lots of exercise.  It’s a step up from his cheeky slogan t-shirts anyway!

Polo shirts can be quite preppy.  Associated with those that are a bit more privileged, which is definitely not us! But it’s nice you can pick up polo shirts even with a shoestring budget and still look the part. Some of the ones available from Jacamo can be purchased for around £12.  You can update your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Polo Shirts History

Polo shirts are timeless and have been around since the end of the 1800’s –you really can’t go far wrong adding this wardrobe essential to your life! The polo shirt has such an interesting heritage with its roots in Manipur, India where it was developed to help those playing polo be more comfortable in the heat.


The Voi Wyndham polo shirts my husband was sent look quite iconic with the branded appliqué across the shirt.  They were stylish and lightweight with a good choice of colours, my husband picked out the navy and light blue.  I also liked the black one with the contrast of the white branding which works effectively!

polo shirts

These shirts are a bit more expensive at £35 but are well worth the extra investment for the quality and brand name.  They also wash well, its important to think about that practical side of things, especially if you want your clothes to last! These polo shirts haven’t stretched or sagged and seem colourfast.

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