The blog post where I dress up! #LEGOMinifigures #Series17

lego minifigures

I had TWO very exciting deliveries from LEGO to celebrate the release of Minifigures Series 17. The minifigures are now available nationwide at £2.99 a pop.  As part of the build up to the release a few bloggers (myself included) were encouraged to play a game with our children.

We love LEGO here and were thrilled to be involved as it means more interesting characters to add to the boys (ever growing!) LEGO collection.  I eagerly accepted the secret mission, even though it involved me dressing up!!! I swear my neighbours think I am a bit of an oddball!  The boys took ages to find me hiding behind a tree, but more about that on the video!

This time there was an element of mystery because one of the minifigures is blacked out on the packets.  So their identity is a bit of a secret!!! Oh the suspense I hear you say!  But fear not as I am going to reveal more here. So don’t dash off just this minute and manically start buying packets to find out before my big reveal. Well you can because ultimately everyone wants to get their hands on these wonderful minifigures, but only after watching my little video first!

LEGO Minifigures Reveal Video

LEGO definitely know how to build up the suspense.  My boys really enjoyed looking for the missing accessories and were surprised when they found me hiding in a tree dressed up as the mischievous character! But they were delighted to reunite the remaining minifigures with their missing accessories after taking on the role of being their official protectors.  I think the chocolate coins they earnt for their troubles was a nice reward too!  I have learnt I need to practice my evil laugh if I want to play the villain again!

This fun social game was a real highlight to the boys weekend.  It’s made me realise maybe LEGO accessory hunting should be a more regular activity in our household.  It’s a great way to keep kids occupied.

Although fancy dress might be optional going forward (for my neighbours sake!).

So here we go a line up of all the figures together (including the rather naughty Highwayman!).  I think the minifigures will be keeping a close eye on their accessories from now on.

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