How much does being a #DadTaxi cost?

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My husband is our official Dad Taxi as he is always transporting the boys to one activity or another. The boy’s lead very busy lives with clubs, birthday parties to attend, playdates and organised trips, so dearest dad is always hopping into the car to give them a lift somewhere, sometimes he even has extra passengers as he drops their friends off home too.  He is good though bless him, he never grumbles, he accepts his dad taxi duties gracefully.

But that time behind the wheel adds up, the car savings site found that dads spend an average of 1 hour 40 minutes (covering 40 miles) a week driving their kids around.  If you ferry your children all over the place I bet you’re curious to see how much you would have earnt if you were a regular taxi driver.

Well have made that possible with their useful dad taxi meter so you can for a bit of fun finally clock up how much each of these journeys are costing you! Just press start when you head off and end when your taxi duties are completed. So for dads doing the average 40 miles a week they would have totted up a £54.40 fare.

It might surprise your children if they knew just how much a real taxi would have cost them; you never know you might get a bit more gratitude from your children. Although that is unlikely until they reach adulthood so perhaps just make a mental note so you can reclaim some journeys when they are older! If they start grumbling about taking you to hospital appointments or picking you up from bowls, then remind them of how many dad taxi trips you did when they were kids.

We have an 8 and 10 year old so our boys are in the group that were seen as most reliant on dad lifts!  So my poor husband definitely has his work cut out at the moment.

It’s an Expensive Business Being a #DadTaxi

Make sure you check out fuel price comparison, it helps if you can shop around and get your fuel as cheaply as possible to try and bring down the costs involved of playing taxi driver.

In honour of Father’s Day, would love for you to show your appreciation to your dad for their hard work and taxi services.  They have a competition with a chance to win a driving experience at Silverstone. Make sure you share with on Twitter or Instagram the reason your dad deserves to win using the hashtag #DadTaxi by the 30th of June. The prize would be a bit more exciting for my hubbie than dropping the boys off at swimming lessons that’s for sure!

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