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When you have a dog it’s not all about belly tickles, walks in the sunshine and playing endless catch.  You have the practical side of things to consider too. Some elements of dog ownership aren’t very pleasant at all but need to be covered to help make sure you keep your family safe and your dog happy and healthy.  So how do you go keeping your dog protected?

A survey of 1056 dog owners carried out by Pet Parasite Action found that 85% of us happily hug our dogs.  Yes I would sit firmly in that figure myself.  My dog adores fuss and attention. I have before now found a tick attached to Summer.  As a result I regularly check her coat to see if she has brought home any unwanted visitors after playing outside (especially in long grass, woodland or heath areas).

Given that some ticks carry Lyme disease it’s vitally important that you take precautionary measures to help protect your family. If you notice a circular rash around a bite mark you must go to the doctors for treatment. But prevention is always better than cure.  Make sure you use a monthly tick treatment that kills ticks within 48 hours. I always have a handy tick removal tool as well.  They can be tricky to remove fully otherwise. What I hadn’t realised was how dangerous ticks are to dogs too.  They carry diseases that can cause fatalities so do keep your much loved furry friend safe!

I wouldn’t be without my dog even if I might not a fan of the harmful parasites she sometimes brings with her. To be honest it’s nothing to worry about really.  Everything is easy to manage once you have the right products and the correct information. Just visit your vet for advice and appropriate treatment, especially if you are new to dog ownership and are not familiar with some of the most common parasites. Not all parasites are visible which complicates matters considerably.

There are actually 12 different types of worm species that can affect dogs.  Pretty gross when you think about it! Despite this the survey found it’s been about a year since 16% of dog owners treated their pet for parasites. Even more worryingly 23% say that they don’t know when their pet was last treated for lungworm, which can be fatal for your pet.

One of my biggest worries was the roundworm Toxocara.  This can potentially cause blindness or neurological disease (most commonly in children) when the eggs are accidentally eaten. Given that the eggs are microscopic and children put everything in their mouths regular treatment of our pets is necessary to reduce the risk of eggs being passed out into the environment!!!

TV presenter Jenni Falconer is also backing the campaign which aims to raise awareness of the need to treat your pet:

“As a dog owner and a mum I want to be sure I do the best thing for my pet and my family. During the Pet Parasite Action campaign I’m encouraging all pet owners to visit their vet for a simple way to help protect their pet against parasites inside and out, including those that might be harmful to rest of the family. Let’s act now to help protect all the members of our family, furry or otherwise.”

Show your support

Please do get behind the campaign.  It will be supported by vets nationwide during June and July.

Visit the Pet Parasite Action website for further information.

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