The Return of Game of Thrones

summer I am more interested in winter coming! 
Game of Thrones Season 7 will be returning to our screens on the 17th
of July (can you hear my squeals of excitement!), so in preparation for an
exciting new season lusting after Jon Snow and wondering what the dragons will
annihilate next I better start prepping myself.

need to pick up the Game
of Thrones box set
from HMV so I can remember where exactly I am up too; I
have an awful memory when it comes to the storyline. I have watched it from the very beginning; it’s been quite the

really feel for some of the characters and the challenges they have gone
through. But I get a bit sketchy about what
happened when, so re-watching the earlier shows will make sure I am ready to
dive straight into Season 7! If you
haven’t watched the show yet, then you really must catch up before the 17th
of July, its action packed with epic battles and a sprinkling of romance and
humour! Some of the episodes really
keep you on the edge of your seat!

of the deaths are quite brutal and I was sad we lost Hodor although it suddenly
made sense of what he kept repeating again and again. I guess this list just of the season
6 deaths
shows you can never get too attached to characters on Game of
Thrones because you don’t quite know if they will last the distance. Remember the wedding party? That was
carnage! With revenge and a hunger for
power always being common themes of the show I am sure season 7 will see an
equally long list of deaths.

don’t want to mention too much about the plot in case some of you haven’t
watched Game of Thrones yet but are planning on doing so, but I was glad to see
the back of Ramsay Bolton an unbearably cruel dreadful character.

would love a Game of Thrones themed evening to watch the first episode of
season 7! I wonder if Jon Snow is
available to attend (I know I will keep on dreaming!). To start off I NEED to buy a Mother of
Dragons t-shirt; my boys are like my dragons, fiery, not great at listening but
very loyal and protective of their mum. 
With the dragons off to Westeros now who knows what havoc will ensue, the build-up to this has
been a long time coming I really can’t wait to see what the writers have
planned for everyone. Queen
Cersei and Daenerys are two extremely strong women and who knows
what might happen.

One thought on “The Return of Game of Thrones

  1. I got all the dvds for christmas…. which we binge watched over weekends and finished within 2 months (only sat/sun nights…so quite a few late nights) lol. Cant wait for the new season.

    ps…there were no tears shed for ramsey!!! I loved the smile on sansa's face!!

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