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After a while computers can get quite sluggish.  I know having used my last laptop for 10 years, I had to make it last as long as possible as I didn’t have the budget to replace it. You max out the disk space and certain programs drain your performance and battery life. It gets so frustrating as it takes ages to do anything. When I rely on my laptop for my work its important it runs as efficiently and smoothly as possible.  That’s where having AVG helps.

I have so many bad computer habits like using my desktop to store ALL my files so I can find them easily! My hubbie despairs.  It means it takes a long time to load everything! If I used the PC TuneUp I could show him I am turning over a new leaf and getting better at looking after my laptop. The program can work automatically in the background making sure your PC continues to perform at its best.

Rather than replace your computer do consider trying AVG PC TuneUp (£34.99/year) so you can extend the life of your current computer.  It cleverly identifies the programs slowing your computer down and you can put these to sleep if your not currently using them.

Lab tests were very promising.  77% faster boot time (my old computer used to take FOREVER to turn on!), 75 GB more free space and 108% longer battery life! It does this by fixing bugs, removing leftover files and basically working its special brand of performance tuning magic on your computer.

I have a habit of storing lots of pictures on my computer, I like that PC TuneUp scans for duplicates and flags the issue up to you to deal with accordingly.

The AntiVirus (£49.99/year) gives you all the protection you need when conducting so much of your life online.  Whether online shopping, banking or browsing you need something powerful enough to protect against hackers, malware and viruses. It also checks your email attachments so you don’t risk opening something you shouldn’t! I am naturally suspicious of email attachments anyway but for those individuals that are too trusting and open everything AVG AntiVirus is a must.


I have teamed up with AVG to giveaway three bundles of AVG PC TuneUp & AVG Anti-Virus if you would like a chance of winning please fill out the form below by the 21st of August.

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