Tips for Fixing Furniture Children Destroy

toy on furniture

When you have kids you quickly realise keeping the place looking good can be very difficult.  They seem naturally drawn to chaos, sticky handprints everywhere, belongings getting damaged and broken and glass and woodwork getting scratched. My two used to drive their toys cars over everything, new furniture, the window panes, up the walls.

These days I miss them playing with toys as much, they are too focused on computer games sadly.  The house is a bit less destressed for it – well until I had the silly idea to make playdough and cover everywhere in flour, you live and learn!.

How to remove scratches from glass

Ideally if you have a garden encourage children to play outdoors as much as possible.  Although you will be surprised they can find mischief just about anywhere! If your child does scratch your glass table top the infographic below from Balustrade Components might help you restore it to its former glory!

They say having kids costs a fortune.  I think some of it is replacing everything they break and damage.  So rather than despair see what you can do to salvage your belongings!

The tips are very interesting and quite clever really.  I wouldn’t have thought of using toothpaste to polish the scratch or clear nail varnish to fill the gaps.  We have got rid of furniture before because we thought it was ruined.  However a little bit of TLC can restore most things saving you a fortune in the process. That method isn’t expensive either as you will definitely have toothpaste in the house.  I should hope so anyway!

The window sounds more complicated but you can easily get hold of Cerium Oxide compound which will remove scuffs and scratches. Some scratches will be too deep for removal so do your research before investing in items to help get rid of scratches. Also be aware that cerium oxide can heat up if applied to one area for too long and you will need a water spray to dampen it.

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