Win a Sleepzzz Until Holiday Buddy Bear

It’s hard when children are excited for something.  You get asked how many sleeps again and again until the occasion eventually arrives. Children don’t quite seem to understand the passage of time so even when you have answered you soon get asked again!

It can be a little frustrating but at the same time I remember how I used to be as a child.  I understand why they feel like they do!

But now you can help children manage the countdown themselves with a Buddy Bear countdown.  The included stickers can also be used to reward good behaviour so that excitement can be channeled into something positive. Giving them extra jobs will help focus their mind on something else.  You can ask them to go shopping with you for holiday essentials or help pack their bag so the time passes pleasantly.

The bears themselves are very sweet.  Holiday Buddy Bear Boy is definitely dressed for a vacation with his sandals, shorts and printed shirt.

You also have a Birthday Bear as children naturally get rather hyped up when their birthday is on the horizon. Although I think my favourite product in the Sleepzzz Until range would be the Big School Buddy Bear as that would help children with the transition to a new place.  It can be hard for children getting their head around the idea of starting in a new school.

This charming Bear dressed for school will help prepare your child and make it seem a little less daunting. They will be ready when the time comes round.  You can even relate the reward stickers to challenges linked to school.  Like going shopping for school uniform, packing their pencil case etc.  All of which gear a child to accepting a change that is going to happen.


If you would like to win a Holiday Buddy Bear please fill out the form below by the 12th of August.  Lots of us have holidays at this time of year so I thought it would make a lovely prize!

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