Gel-a-Peel Summer Competition


Gel-a-Peel is the perfect craft material to prepare your accessories for summer!!! You can make your sunglasses unique with your own particular style, basically bringing a new lease of life to those boring plain items you have got well and truly fed up of.

Children will love the creative process, they can be as imaginative as they like, adding colour and detailing to completely transform items and help them stand out in the crowd!

Summer is about being bright and bold, you don’t want to blend into the background, let your accessories be noticed by everyone!!!


It’s great you can create something bespoke that your friends won’t own already. Using Gel-a-Peel your belongings can become an extension of your personality. You can also save a fortune buying cheaper flip-flops or sunglasses and then jazzing them up with the product making them look much more expensive and tailor made.

Gel-a-Peel is easy to apply. It doesn’t take long to achieve a result your happy with.


I watched a video of Gel-a-Peel in action and I was impressed!  It’s very clever but still simple enough to get the hang of using. It also comes with templates and drawing sheets so you can make a pattern without experiencing difficulties if you need more structured guidance. Let’s be honest some of us were born more creative than others, but that doesn’t matter with Gel-a-Peel everyone can enjoy using it!

The full How To’s are available on their social pages which I have given you as an option for following when entering the competition.  So pick up a few packs and have lots of creative fun this holiday.


To enter the competition please fill out the form below by the 8th of September.

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