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We love Paddington here.  My youngest had a soft toy of him he adored when he was little, he was sent it to celebrate Paddington’s summer birthday. I really can’t believe this picture was from 2013! How time flies.

The boys both enjoyed the first film very much and with the second one on the way (November 10th) I am sure anything to do with Paddington will keep increasing in popularity! He is such a sweet character and bound to continue to delight children everywhere with his funny mannerisms and his love of marmalade sandwiches. It’s always worth keeping a spare under your hat for emergencies!

To coincide with the release University Games have brought out some fun filled Paddington games and activities to keep your children amused in the meantime.  To celebrate this wonderful announcement, I have a competition for you to win Spot The Difference (£7.99) and Colour On (£7.99) – if you’re at a loose end over the summer holidays why not pick both of these up from John Lewis to keep your children entertained at a bargain price! Summer holidays get so expensive, activities and games at these prices are just the thing for surviving the holidays.

Spot the Difference

My boys have always enjoyed spot the difference games and the Paddington twist would make this an instant hit with them. With 80 scenes there is plenty to keep them occupied for ages! Excellent value for £7.99, you could even do time challenges to see who is the quickest finder, making it more competitive and challenging.


The Paddington Colour On has three metres of colouring scenes and activities.  This should keep children out of mischief this summer and away from computer games! You just twist the dial to reveal a new scene or activity.  Children will love being in control of the dial and afterwards they simply twist it back so it’s all tidied away! Hooray for keeping parents happy too.


To enter the competition please fill out the form below by the 7th of September.

Win two Paddington Activities

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