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You might already be putting on your thinking hats wondering what Christmas presents to buy your kids (or for Santa to deliver of course!). So, with 87 days until Christmas I thought I would introduce you to Staccups which was recently released by University Games.

We always add a board game or two at Christmas as I find they are a good way to spend quality time together. I like to keep a happy medium when it comes to the selection of gifts the boys get. Not too many console games as I like them to have fun minus a screen. I find as they have got older they do add more computer games to their Christmas lists.  So it’s always worth adding some board games to even the balance.

This game is such much fun and a real challenge.  It tests your hand/eye coordination to the limit!  You need to grab the coloured cup before your opponents, so the quicker you can do that the better. It’s so fast paced it really helps if you have good reaction speeds. My boys are like ninjas compared to me, but I still like playing because I can only get better right?

It can get quite competitive, watch out for opponents calling ‘challenge’ if they believe you placed a cup incorrectly. You can also add some variety by taking turns instead of it being a mad free for all.  If you cannot go you miss a turn.  I like that Staccups has some flexibility over how it can be played.

The game is for up to 4 players or teams, Staccups is recommended for ages 8+ and available to purchase at Smyths Toys, Argos, Toys R Us, and The Entertainer for an RRP: £19.99.

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