Where’s The Wookiee 2 Release & Competition #StarWarsBooks

Where's wookiee

My two were thrilled when newly released Wheres Wookiee 2 book arrived and their own wookiee onesies to wear! They love search and find books and because this one is Star Wars themed naturally it was an instant hit with the both of them. They have watched some of the films, already have a few bits of merchandise and basically embrace anything Star Wars related with earnest.

Where's The Wookiee 2

If your children loved Where’s Wally? they need to add these two spotting books to their collection. To be honest Chewbacca is cuter than Waldo anyway.  Softer and cuddlier and I think it’s great that Star Wars continues to delight children! I fondly remember my introduction to Star Wars watching the original films with my dad many moons ago.

The illlstrations look fantastic.  Lots of details to take in to give you a flavour of the types of things that go on at each of the locations. Alongside Chewbacca you can find lots more characters.  Plenty of scope to keep children happily occupied for a decent length of time. At the back of the book there is a galactic checklist and the fun can continue with another long list of items and creatures to find.

It’s no easy feat finding Chewbacca either as you navigate through all the decoy Wookiees on each page! It makes it more of a challenge.  You can’t just scan the page for the first brown and fluffy giant creature you see!

Where's The Wookiee 2

Every time youngest found Chewbacca he would let out a guttural roar to celebrate, just like his much-loved hero. You need to locate Chewbacca before the enemies from the Empire and the First Order get their hands on him.  So you see its only right to let out a victory roar when you manage it!

Where’s the Wookiee 2 and Where’s Wookiee are both available to buy from Amazon and are very reasonably priced for the entertainment they offer.

Wearing the costumes the boys had lots of fun hiding just like Chewbacca in the books but rather than head off into space we settled for searching around the house and garden. Here eldest is hiding but still managing to search for Chewbacca whilst he waits to be found!

Where's The Wookiee 2

Youngest tried to hide in a big pile of soft toys hoping another soft and fluffy creature would go unnoticed!

Where's The Wookiee 2

The hunt to find my little wookiees continued outdoors.

Although I think my eldest was hoping he would have chameleon like powers when he tried to blend into this brown panel. Points for effort though.

Where's The Wookiee 2

Is that part of the tree or a wookiee looking at me?

Where's The Wookiee 2


If you would like to enter my competition to win the two books; the original Where’s the Wookiee and the latest installment Where’s Wookiee 2 please fill out the form below by the 7th of October.

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