Win the Project Mc2 Crayon Makeup Science Kit

I am back with another Project Mc2 competition, this time to win the Crayon Makeup Science Kit (RRP £24.99). I love how the Project Mc2 range is expanding so much choice and well thought out sets for children to enjoy, personally I would have been over the moon to create my own makeup when I was a child.

The colours are pretty but the pigment is very subtle on your child’s skin so you don’t have to worry they have too much make up on. Children can come up with their own shades and blends, its great they can experiment and brainstorm like this finding the most perfect combination for them. I think it’s very educational making your own makeup rather than buying a readymade set, Project Mc2 are helping developing children’s scientific minds.

The kit includes one lipstick mould, two lipstick cases, one makeup palette mould and case, and one crayon colour wheel.

You will need a few simple ingredients to complete your makeup projects, the main one being coconut oil which you can pick up quite inexpensively but you can also try different flavours for the lip gloss. Also have a suitable container to warm the wax in the oven.

Children might need some adult supervision for this set as you have to melt the wax but it’s a nice way to spend time with your child doing something they will feel very proud about at the end! They can show off their new lip gloss to their friends and know they made it themselves! You might think it’s messy but they will think it’s fun and the most important thing is making memories with your children! Why not have a pampering party and all your child’s friends can help too!


If you would like to enter the competition to win the Project Mc2 Crayon Makeup Science Kit please fill out the form below by the 6th of October.

Remember you still have time to enter the Project Mc2 H20 Nail Science Kit, it closes on the 13th of September.

2 thoughts on “Win the Project Mc2 Crayon Makeup Science Kit

  1. My daughter saw me reading about this, as I know it's something she would love. I would love the fact she is learning whilst playing and we could have a little educational and girly afternoon with this.

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