Your Complete Guide To UK Freebie Websites

Many freebie websites can be found all across the web, but not all of them prove to be worth your time and money. In this guide, we list our top picks.

Britons are always on the lookout for cheap deals, which explains why so many companies and individuals have flooded the internet to offer free items online.

However, you might end up frustrated after using a website that doesn’t really give you anything of value. To help you save time, here are the best freebie websites in the UK and why you should choose them over others.

Our Top Freebie Site:


Most websites give away freebies from members of the public. WOWFreeStuff, however, takes a different approach. The vouchers, samples, and freebies they offer all come from companies. You can find a range of items from baby starter kits and gardening tools to calendars and table lamps.

· Users can subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated with all the discounts and special offers.

· The site provides online discount codes, in-store offers, and details of free competitions.

· Users are able to rate the offers, providing others a clue as to how good a particular offer is.

Tips For Avoiding Freebie Scams

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about people getting scammed by freebie websites. Surely, you do not want to find yourself as the next victim. While it’s great to have things without shelling out money, you need to be extra careful when picking what offers to sign up for. It’s always tempting to jump on a bargain, but you could end up burning a deeper hole in your pocket.

Before you go hunting for freebies, keep the following tips in mind to avoid getting scammed.

Never Pay for a Freebie

This one sounds obvious, but you’ll be shocked by the number of people who pay for a freebie. If you have to pay money, then it isn’t a freebie. Steer clear of all websites that require you to pay for the offers you want.

You will stumble upon plenty of websites that ask you to pay for processing, shipping, and handling fees. These fees only require a small amount of money, but you should not fall for it. Freebie scams will lure you in and after paying them, they will run away with your money in their pockets.

There are also websites that ask you to check out their free trial offer. They will tell you it’s necessary before you can get your freebie. Again, this is a trap! Expect that you won’t get any offers and your personal information such as credit card details to be stolen.

Use Trustworthy Websites

Huge companies offer a ton of free samples such as Walmart and Target. Their goal is to let you try the product and when you like it, you will buy from them.

Remember that the marketing budget of these companies are immensely big. They can afford to offer countless free samples. Just make sure that the particular brand of the free sample comes from the corresponding website.

Do Not Share Sensitive Information

In most cases, free websites will only ask for your name and address. This is common for practice even for big companies. But if you’re asked to provide additional information which you’re not comfortable sharing, then do not push through with the offer.

Some websites ask a bunch of questions before giving you access to the freebie. As much as possible, only provide the minimum required information. Any additional information is likely to be used for marketing purposes, which means you will have more junk mail going to your inbox.

There are also cases in which the company will ask for your email address and phone number. This is pretty common, but if you don’t want to share this information, then just call it off.

Getting more spam emails should be expected. As soon as you join the mailing list, you will be sent marketing messages regularly, which could get annoying at some point. A good tip is to create a free email account just for subscribing to freebie websites.

Listen To Your Gut

You might have seen a particular offer on a forum or social media, with many people saying it’s legitimate. You do not even have to provide personal information such as credit card details, phone number, and social security number. But if your gut tells you that something doesn’t seem right, then don’t do it despite what other people tell you. Just move on to the next freebie and find something that totally works for you.

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  1. I'm very wary of freebie sites as so many of them seem to be email harvesters. I use a separate email (in my cat's name!) when applying for any freebies, and if I have to give them a phone number I give them a defunct mobile number that we no longer use.

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