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We have recently been putting Pandemonio through its paces. It’s a new game from Drumond Park that can get a little frantic as you aim to swap your cards as quickly as possible. It is pitched at children 8+ so perfect for my two and all the grownups of course!  They boys really enjoyed Pandemonio and were very enthusiastic to keep playing.

Wind-up Colin is a funny walking coffee cup timer that everyone will love. The game timer really is hilarious.  A definite highlight when we saw him.  None of us have seen a timer quite that unique before!



As Colin makes his way to the end of the track the game as you can imagine gets even more manic! It literally is pandemonium, so the name Pandemonio sums up the game perfectly, it gets a bit wild and chaotic as cards are passed back and forth at speed. Matching cards means you can move around the colourful board and the first to get to the end of the board wins.

The game can be played in two ways, the first is the simplest, so perfect when your new to the game but as your confidence grows its worth playing the game the second way once you feel ready for SUPER PANDEMONIO! This adds new card game combinations into play and enriches the game even further.  It’s great having two options as it means you have even more playability out of the game.


For more information and stockists visit, but I also have a copy of Pandemonio (RRP £19.99) to giveaway here. If you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 2nd of November. This would make an ideal gift for the kids at Christmas.

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