6 Quick and Easy Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement

It is usually around this time of year that people decide that they are bored of their current décor.  Maybe you want to jazz their home up a little bit. Of course, with Christmas coming, you can brighten up the room with festive decorations but they will soon need to be taken down again. So if you are looking to make some quick and fun changes around the home, why not do it before the Christmas decorations go up?

Here are some different ideas that you may consider, ranging from quick fixes to bigger DIY projects.  It all depends on how much time you have to invest really!

Decorate a wall

Redecorating a whole room can take a while but doing one fairly small sized wall can be done quicker than you think. Especially if you are simply painting over existing paint or wallpaper. Choose a new colour that you want to use and off you go. All you need is paint, a paintbrush and a roller. One fresh wall can make the whole room look like it has been redecorated.

Repaint the skirting boards

If you have white skirting boards around the home, the chances are that they have picked up chips and collected scratches. A new coat of brilliant white paint will make your skirting boards look like new. Until you repaint your skirting boards, you don’t realise how much they needed doing!

Update your staircase

A staircase is a really prominent feature in a house and making some updates can have a big impact on your home. Maybe you just want to give it a fresh coat.  Or you would like to strip the paint and give it a natural wood finish? Go one step further by looking at staircase parts like a mopstick handrail to give your bannister a completely new look.

Hang some pictures

For a really easy change, hang some pictures around the home. If you have the time to put a photo collage together, there are some amazing frames you can buy and fill up. Get some of the holiday photos up or take a look through your camera to find some nice ones.  This will brighten up the room with happy memories.

Buy new curtains

If you don’t already swap your curtains through the different seasons then maybe you should try it? Lighter and thinner curtains are better for the summer when you want to make the most of the natural light.  But they are not practical in winter. You can even keep your rooms a whole lot cosier by switching to thicker curtains to keep your windows better insulated throughout the cold winter nights.

Repaint your chairs

Do you have any wooden chairs that are looking a little bit sorry for themselves? It can be tempting to just get rid of them and buy some new ones but with a little creativity, you could soon have some new looking chairs with loads of character. Upcycling of wooden furniture is becoming more popular and there are loads of video demos that you can watch to get some inspiration on how to upcycle various items of furniture including chairs, tables, cupboards, dressers etc.

You can make it as large or as small a project as you wish, maybe just adding a new coat of paint or go for a full reupholster. If reupholstering sounds a bit too complicated then you can always just buy some new seat cushions to tie onto your newly painted chairs. They will look like you have just bought a new set of chairs.

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