5 Tips to Guarantee A Good Night Sleep

good night sleep

The right environment is essential for a good night sleep.  There is nothing worse than not being able to get to sleep.  Many of us have been there.  Tossing and turning, starting to panic about how you will function in the morning.  Watching the clock ticking later and being overcome with that desperate feeling that sleep will continue to evade you.

If you struggle to nod off consider some of these options to help remedy the situation.

Limit caffeine before bed

As caffeine promotes alertness it is advisable to switch to a decaffeinated drink in the evening or late afternoon.  It can stop you feeling sleepy and can take hours to wear off.  Depending on the strength of the drink the effects can last up to six hours!  Switch to hot milk or chamomile tea which can be very relaxing.

good night sleep tea

Think about your nightwear

It’s important to pick out a material that you feel comfortable to sleep in.  Your choice of fabric can be very influential when it comes to the quality of your sleep.

Cotton is probably the best bet in summer.  It can help regulate your temperature so is a good option.  It manages this because it is lightweight and breathable.  Natural fibres tend to be more breathable than synthetic ones.  Calvin Klein nightware have some 100% cotton pajamas if your wondering where to buy some.

Silk can keep you warm when your cold, but personally I can’t stand the feel of it against my skin so wouldn’t have a good night’s sleep wearing silk pyjamas.

The effect of light

Dimming light gives the body cues its time to go to sleep.  My LUMIE body clock helps with my sleep patterns, I don’t want to be exposed to bright light before I nod off as it can reset my internal clock and make going to sleep impossible.  Check out the LUMIE website to see the full range.


If your anxious it can be hard to switch off and give in to sleep.  Have a hot bath and take time of wind down before bed.  Think about the effort we go to with our children to create a calming bedtime routine when as adults we don’t follow the same advice.   Consider using natural oils, the scents of lavender, sandlewood and ylang ylang can work wonders.  Experiment and see which is most effective for you.

good night sleep

Switch off your mobile phone

I think many of us are guilty of being hooked on our phones.  But avoid using your mobile close to bedtime.  Apparently, the blue light of the screen effects our production of melatonin, a hormone we need to help us feel tired.

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