Protecting my Eyes from the Sun

protect my eyes

Later in the year we are off to Florida!  I have started to get very excited about our travel plans and getting a few things organised ready.  It can be very hot in Florida.  The month we visit the temperature goes up to about 31°C so I want to make sure we have adequate protection from the sun.  So, read on for more advice about how I plan on protecting my eyes from the sun.

Many of us make sure we take care of our skin covering ourselves from head to toe in high factor sun cream.  But our eyes are just as important and often overlooked.  It’s not just about your health either its not very practical to always be squinting at the sun.

Protecting my eyes

The sun CAN damage your eyes.  You can actually get sunburn on your eye; apparently blue eyes are more prone to damage something I never knew.  As a blue-eyed girl, I guess I need to be extra careful when it comes to protecting my eyes from the sun.

When to wear sunglasses

Sunglasses are advisable between 10am and 4pm when the sun is at its brightest.  Other times of the day a little bit of natural light can be good for the eyes.  Don’t feel like you need to wear sunglasses all day but be sensible.

I am thrilled with my new pair of sunglasses from Perfect Glasses.  I thought I would find it hard searching for glasses online.  But I stumbled upon a very user-friendly site, lots of special offers and images of the sunglasses from all angles which helps confirm if they are the right pair for you or not.

I wasn’t sure what to pick fortunately there was plenty of choice of prescription sunglasses.  I am quite fussy with the style and colour I want.  However, I had no problem whatsoever finding something suitable from the site.  All the popular frame shapes are covered, rectangular, oval, square, round and pilot so you can find glasses that will suit the shape of your face.

Consider your options

Spend a bit more if you can to make sure you have glasses that react appropriately with the sun.  The built in UV protection of transition sun reactive lens is well worth the additional £40.

I went for the Esprit Et13103 C543 which had been reduced from £180 to £90.  They arrived in a lovely case, so I can keep them safe when travelling.  I am very happy with the quality of these sunglasses.  I am a huge fan of the colour, I always find sunglasses tend to be black, brown or tortoiseshell, so it was nice being able to get blue frames and having something a bit more unusual.  The only issue I have is my youngest likes the look of my sunglasses too and wants them for himself!

sunglasses son

For me the most important thing is how the sunglasses look, but if you are into your brands they do have a good section of designer glasses.  Yes, for some people its all about the name!  What surprised me though is even the designer glasses are quite affordable if you use a promotional code.

Now I just need to find a way to get my new sunglasses back from my youngest.

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