Introducing the Lucky Checkout Club

Lucky Checkout Club

I love shopping online it is so much more convenient than dragging my boys around the shops.  They always spot things they want.  Then the grumbling starts in earnest.  Either life is so unfair because I won’t buy them anything or they are constantly hungry.  We get hardly any shopping done in-between all the refreshment breaks!  You really don’t have to convince me to stick with online shopping, but it just got even better.  Hooray!  Let me introduce you to the Lucky Checkout Club.

Will you be a lucky shopper?

Online shopping has become more exciting with the Lucky Checkout Club.  They have a monthly prize draw with a big cash prize on offer!  When you click through from their site to make a purchase you get entered in the monthly draw.  If your going to buy something anyway you might as well try your luck!  It doesn’t cost you anything extra just the normal purchase you had planned to make.

I am a big fan of competitions I used to enter lots before my blogs really took off.  Nowadays I don’t have so much time to dedicate to them.  But I still really appreciate competitions that don’t require any effort like this.  I really love the concept of the Lucky Checkout Club I haven’t had much luck with the cash back sites, sometimes they dispute your purchase and it’s a lot of hassle I don’t need.  I prefer to take my chances with lady luck especially when £500 is up for stakes.

Certain times of year I do quite a bit of shopping like Christmas or the boys’ birthdays.  It will be great knowing that those purchases might help me win some much-needed cash.  A £500 windfall would be a big help at those expensive times of the year.  As the company keeps growing the plan is to offer even bigger prizes so its worth getting familiar with the concept now so your prepared when the prize pool increases.  It’s worthwhile encouraging friends and family to join so that happens even sooner.

If your usual retailer hasn’t signed up yet, you can suggest they do through the Lucky Checkout Club website.  Although there is a good chance they are already part of the clever scheme as the list of retailers is extensive!  I have seen lots of my favourite shops listed.  Ones I order from quite regularly, so I might do well in the competition!

Install the Lucky Checkout Club App

To make the process run more smoothly they have developed a Lucky Checkout Club App which is free to install so you can find the latest voucher codes to use for your preferred retailers and earn entries into the prize draw with one click activation.

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