Interior design: Ironmongery to spruce up your home this summer

Ironmongery handle

Interior design is about creative flair and expressing your own personality. There are no limits to what can be achieved when you start to dream.  Now is the time to explore and implement your own unique ideas into your home.  A huge factor behind effective interior design is anything related to ironmongery and hardware products.

How Ironmongery can transform your home

Ironmongery can play a pivotal role within your household.  Adding both style and functionality to your furniture and equipment. Ironmongery Experts have developed an unrivaled level of expertise on how to use ironmongery products effectively.  With their knowledge you can add radiance and style to any space.

Firstly be selective about the types of materials any products are made from. It is recommended that brass is used for bedrooms and lounges.  Chrome on the other hand is best suited to kitchen areas. If you want to see some of the best models currently available check out these incredible designs on Pinterest.

It is beneficial to find models that have incorporated a small amount of black. This colour is versatile and will suit both traditional and contemporary themes. It will also ensure that prominent materials are not overwhelming the décor within the room.

Using a mixture of different designs throughout your home will also add much needed vibrancy. This is especially true of door handles, since they are used on a regular basis. If people are using the same model for each room, there’s a chance that your house could become sterile. This article on House & Garden focuses on black porcelain doorknobs, highlighting the benefits of this design compared to alternative models.

It is also important to use a range of different metals within each room. If you use the same style throughout spaces can lack creativity.


Don’t forget the little details

Finally, make sure you equip your household with strong and reliable hinges. This will improve the aesthetic of any doors or cabinets.  Also ensuring you have considered every detail needed to create your perfect living space.

Renowned interior designer, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen is an advocate for using appropriate ironmongery products.

He said: “Having stylish and effective ironmongery designs are hugely important for interior design.  Over the years, I have found that people who place stronger emphasis on hardware, often achieve the best results.”

Once you’re happy with the choices you have made and feel comfortable that they will have a positive impact.  Only then can you start to achieve effective interior design for your home.

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