How to make our master bedroom cosy

Our master bedroom is huge.  It looks like it needs more imposing furniture as there is so much empty space!  I really can’t get used to it.  Our bed looks tiny even though believe it or not it’s a super king!  We have never had so much room to play with.  I think I need to decide how best to dress the room to make it cosier!

Winter is on its way and that expanse of neutral space might start to feel cold when not basked in warm sunshine from the windows.  Our last bedroom was a fraction of this size.  You could probably fit four of those rooms in here!  So, making it cosy is a must.  But where do we start!

A Different Bed

We bought a TV bed which is very practical but the romantic in me wishes I had considered something else like this stunning four poster bed.  I watch a lot of period dramas, so I would love a pinch of sophistication and elegance in my interiors.  As it is it’s all very modern and a bit lacklustre.  The sea of magnolia very clean and fresh but not full of character.  Plus, we could add material to the corners to make the room seem more inviting.  A four-poster bed frame is so much bigger it would also make the room seem fuller.  It would be more of a centrepiece for the room rather than our current bed looking a little lost.

cosy bed

Paint Colour

A neutral colour just makes the room look even bigger!  Even though we are fully aware of this we didn’t sway from our usual paint choice of magnolia.  To make it cosy darker colours could be introduced.  I think we should have been braver with our paint choices.  Darker colours help absorb light, so the room doesn’t seem quite so vast!  It might be time to put the thinking hat on and find the confidence to move away from magnolia.

Alternatively we consider wall papering one of the walls as apparently delicate patterns make a room look smaller.  That might be a quicker fix as we could just do the wall behind the bed!

Blanket Chest

We could do with adding more furniture to the room.  I am quite keen on a blanket chest at the foot of the bed.  Knowing it is full of warm cosy blankets won’t make me feel so cold in my big bedroom!  Plus, it will get rid of some of the floor space.  We have lots to fill. Choices, choices!

Adding Lamps

When winter comes lightening the room by lamp is more intimate and inviting than harsh overhead lights.  We could do with having a few to highlight different corners so they feel cosy.

Soft Furnishings

We have since bought a couple of seats to fill a space by the window.  They need to have cushions added to finish them off.  Introducing a rug could be another good idea to soften the space and make our feet feel more comfortable compared to the cold laminate.

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips I should consider.

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